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this is all we got…

Went to see Beauty and the Beast tonight with Em and mom and it was OMG FUCKING FABULOUS! It’s always been my favorite fairy tale and the story just gets me everytime. I basically cried through most of it. I just really identified with Belle who didn’t fit in and wanted so much more from life than what was planned for her, what people expected from her. Once she’s in the castle, she sings a song called Home which I know by heart and I just bawl every time I hear it.

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the babes are all around me…

So Jess’s boyfriend DJ is staying with me this weekend. I’m sort of not happy I let her con me into letting him stay but what was I supposed to do? He couldn’t stay with Tom (story there but hold on) and Yi would have freaked if she’d asked for him to be able to stay in her room. Stupid parietals – how arcane and inconvenient!

Apparently Tom has a thing for Jess. Which would be fine if she had broke up with DJ like she was supposed to over winter break because kissing him is like kissing a frog. But she ‘doesn’t want to hurt his feelings’ and instead has kept stringing him along to the point where he spent $300 on airfare to come and visit her from Ohio. Um, is there something wrong with this picture? WTF. Continue reading