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this time, we’re doing it right…

Another day of not going to class. I did email Dr. Murphy and at least let him know. The Bros are having a kegger in the basement just below my room, in fact they are playing beer pong on a door lifted on two cinder blocks. I’m very annoyed if you couldn’t tell but I figure I have to wait until at least 1am before I call the police – the more people who get arrested the better in my opinion. Honestly, if they had asked or at least let me know they were having the party it would have gone over better with me. But having to find out from Traecy does not make me very happy. 

Tonight was lousy on the whole anyways. Starbucks if fucking pissing me off. I was supposed to have tomorrow night off because I have to work at Perishable but Laurie put me on anyway and I can’t find someone to cover. So I talked to Vanessa and she got Amanda W. to cover for me as the House Manager since I have to show up at Starbucks now or lose my job. Laurie fucking did it to me again for next weekend but I left her a nasty note highlighting where I’d requested the time off in writing in the book. Tomorrow I’d only verbally told her and she claimed she didn’t remember so I was responsible for the shift. Well next weekend this isn’t going down again because even if I need the money, I swear I’ll quit. Nobody else I know gets so much shit from their job, seriously.

Amanda drove me to work tonight when she came to drop off the laundry she did for me. Things between us are just weird. It’s just fucking weird. I walked to Starbucks so I could get numbers to try and find people to cover (this was before I talked to Vanessa and we got AW to cover). I told Ernie about us and KaRon too but it’s so hard because of people’s reactions. I doubt Amanda talked to Jenny about it – and honestly I don’t really care if she did or not. Jen is just so annoying these days and I swear if I have to take care of her one more time when she gets piss drunk I’m going to scream. 

img_0066Everybody was on edge because of the review from Monday night. Nicole basically got an awful review while the rest of the cast was highly praised. The thing is, the guy was right in saying that the play really isn’t about her. I think Meg intended it to be when she wrote it, but in actuality it’s about Patti and Alex’s characters (the Russian Mob) and not about

Agnetta (who Nicole plays). Vanessa I guess said this to her tonight which I’m sure went over extremely well – Nicole was just pissy the rest of the night and skipped some of her lines. The show actually went awful tonight but with a house of only 19 I guess it wasn’t a complete disaster. 


Amanda basically ignored me all night, but I suppose that’s to be expected. She ripped her jeans in the crotch today (which makes this like the 6th pair she’s done this to – who the hell rips their jeans in the crotch?) so tomorrow we’re going to Torrid to get her a new pair that her mom is paying for. Friends do that right, go shopping together I mean. She’s coming to pick me up around 9am I guess. Hopefully I’ll sleep tonight with the banger just below. I popped a few Benadryls so I ought to be out soon. Medicated sleep blows but I think it beats not sleeping at all.




I cleaned out my room last night. I blame the anxiety because I only clean when I’m upset. It looks really good though and it’s nice to be able to move around. Ever since Laura moved in, slowly every piece of furnature I own has made it’s way in here. I’m not altogether sure that I’m comfortable with that, but there’s not much I can do about it I guess. If I leave the stuff out, the dogs either try to eat it or piss all over it. 

So I just figured out that I can upload photos to my blog – my life might be made. It’s sad when it comes to that.



The paintings that are in the photos (the one of the girl in the blue dress and the one of the albums) are original works from my painting class last semester. The album painting is based on my living room wall.

And if you don’t think the room looks all that clean, then at least you didn’t see it before. 😀


Flieh’ des Ringes Fluch…

 Richard Wagner’s theatre called Bayreuth is absolutely gorgeous and as far as I know pretty distinct of it’s time period. Designed after a Greek amphitheater, the interior was considered very plain in comparison to the ornate opreahouses of Europe.

The rows of seats are tiered and even the way the walls are positioned draw the eye of the audience to the stage. It resembles a modern movie theater. Even the orchestra pit is hidden so as not to distract the audience from the action on the stage. Wagner has also changed the positions of instruments such as the violin in order for the sound to better reverberate off the back of the stage and into the audience.

Perhaps the part I thought was most interesting is the fly space that’s located above the stage that gives the theatre it’s distinct architectural footprint.Essentially a flyspace is where portions of a set are kept until they are lowered for use in a particular scene. Because of the enormous weight of the platforms, below the stage are huge weights that help the crew maneuver the scenery.

If you’d like to view a walk through and other information, this is the official site. It’s available in German and English. I’m a huge fan of the videos, and the man who narrates has a smooth accent. The site also has a list of upcoming shows and a gallery of past performances (which are a hoot to look at).

The theatre was originally designed to be able to show Wagner’s Ring Circle, a story whose mythology is probably more complicated than I can do it justice. Some of the story is very similar to LOTR, written c.100 years before Tolkien. Back when Wagner’s music drama was written (he didn’t believe he was writing opera) going to see a ring circle took about of week of time. In fact, intermissions were held so you could leave and get dinner and then return for a few hours of continuation. In total, a performance of the Ring takes around 15 hours.

The four performances that make up the ring circle are Rheingold, Walküre (Valkyrie) , Siegfried and Götterdämmerung (Twilight of the Gods). The story revolves around a magic ring that was secretly made by a dwarf. Whoever possess the ring rules the world. The King of the Gods, Wotan, and the dwarf are both after the ring.

To make a long story short, the ring end’s up on Siegfried’s finger. Siegfried doesn’t know it, but he’s the Wotan’s grandson. He rescues the Valkyrie, Brünnhilde, and they fall in love. Eventually Siegfried is killed but Brünnhilde is able to return the ring to the Rhine where it was forged. Oh, and the gods all die as well.

It seems as if I’m doing Der Ring des Nibelungen (Ring of the Dwarf?) little justice. I’ve heard portions of it performed and it’s absolutely beautiful the way Wagner assigns each character their own signature melody, or leitmotif. Once you’ve identified the leitmotif  brings the music even more to life. The opening of Götterdämmerung, as Siegfried departs from Brünnhilde one morning, is very romantic and reminds me of the score from Cinderella. The leitmotifs of both characters are distinct but don’t take away from the music. I think the entire Ring is just beautiful. In fact, Wagner also wrote one of my favorites, the music drama Tristan and Isolde.

More modern companies that you would think perform the Ring today. The Seatlle Opera will be performing the Ring in August 2009. A two night adaptation with a slimmer cast and orchestra was performed in 1990 in Birmingham and later adapted in Pttisburgh and Long Beach. Each season, Bayreuth also produces the Ring (along with many other works of Wagner’s).

And if you happen to be curious, the title is taken from scene 4 of Rhiengold. It is the opening of Erda’s aria and I believe to mean something loosely translated as “Flee the ring’s dreaded curse…”

Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick…

We should be those people at the other end of the hallway. We should be in bed, talking about everything. We should talk about nothing and say nothing and mean everything. Instead I’m sleeping alone. And you are 6 miles and too many heartbeats away. And you can’t be here.

It’s just not fair. I think that’s officially my life mantra. Life is just not fucking fair. The alternator on my car is broken, god only knows how I’m going to afford to fix that. I have homework I’m never going to get to because I’m too restless and angsty.

Laura has officially moved in with me. Which basically means that Miss E has also returned. Which I mean yeah, is basically awkward — and yet strangely it’s not? She said to me today that it’s almost like we’re roommates. I was sitting on my bed reading Homer. I just looked up at her into the kitchen (I think she was finished a grilled cheese with her sweatpants hanging down around her thighs and her white briefs with orange elastic trim undeniably noticeable) and told her that we were roommates. I mean we might as well be. She’s practically lived here since Laura moved in and it’s actually nice having her here. It does curb my quick runs to the bathroom half naked to a minimum but hey, compromise is a good thing.

My house smells like pot. I think that’s going to be the worst thing about them being here. And dog food which is probably top ten grossest smells out there.  But Laura bought E the cutest dog ever for Christmas. His name is Brooklyn and he’s a tiny pomeranian and the cutest damn thing to ever pee on my couch. We’re working on house training. I’m not sure how its progressed since I picked up dog poop off a blanket earlier (I didn’t mention this to them since it was old and not worth an investigation).

I’ve just had it up to HERE with Jess. We were supposed to go dancing last night and slowly the party increased from just to two of us to Alyson, Kayla, Amanda and Jen. Which was fine until Jess opened her big mouth and texted me ‘ugh you know how I feel about her’ while I was sitting with Amanda on the couch in her grandparents house. I opened my phone and before I even had time to react to the message, Amanda read it and was livid.

To make a long story short, Amanda and I ended up screaming (well I screamed, I don’t remember if she raised her voice) at eachother in the car a few hours later with Jen in the Jeep behind us wondering why we haven’t gotten out of the car yet and gone into the house. I just completely lost it – I don’t think I’ve screamed  like that since the day I dared my father to come after me.  I cried about it after, I feel so awful about yelling at her.

She was upset about the way I handled the situation with Jess. I hate to yell, I hate to let my temper get the better of me. I have to be in control and flipping a shit and losing my cool is not being in control. I told her I had no intention of popping my top and getting into it with Jess over the phone. We texted back and forth a bit and I told her that she had no right to pass judgement and she doesn’t even know Amanda (which is true – they’ve met once for five minutes or so). And then she goes and brings up Maura. And I’d just about had it at that point. I’m sorry but I would never intentionally bring up the fact that you’re girlfriend has cheated on you with a friend, not ever. She had to know it was going to make me upset and if she didn’t shes an idiot.

Amanda said I never defend her, I never stick up for her. Honestly with my parents that’s completely true and I told her that. I’m a doormat when it comes to them. I’ve really been working to change that but I don’t know if that will ever change. I let them say awful things about her (they haven’t recently however since we hardly speak at all) and I just sit back and don’t tell them they can’t talk that way about the woman I love. And I should but I don’t have the balls.

So basically the fight entails her perception of me not valuing our relationship enough to come to her defense. Although small, I’d like to mention that not hours before at dinner when her mother made some comment about Amanda being fat, I pointedly told her that was mean. Not that its a huge thing but I feel so awful that she thinks I don’t value her. Migod, everything I do is about her (and that’s the way I want it) can’t she see that?

The night died down after that for the most part. Jen, Kayla, Amanada and I went out for a bit to Bravo for a fundraiser then headed back to the house. Jen went to pick up Dave and Amanda left. Things weren’t really settled but I gave her a hug and a kiss and she might not have been warm but she wasn’t hostile. Kayla ended up staing till 4 just talking with me about that and everything else. I just miss her so much these days. We’re trying to get together more often but its just so hard sometimes.

Ashley, Amanda and I took their cousin Gracie (who is the loudest 6 year old I’ve ever met) to the Manton Ave Project show today. Ironically enough it was conflict resolution. The show was great and Gracie was so adorable albeit my eardrums are still recovering. Amanda was a little distant but it could have been worse I guess. I just wish things with us were right again and I’ve apologized and I’m trying to show how much I value our commitment but unless the situation presents itself that I’ve the opportunity to defend her honor, I’m not sure how to proceed. I guess it has to blow over and within a few days things will have calmed.

She’s coming over tomorrow for awhile to do some homework before she heads to Perishable. Mom is dropping off leftovers around 3, Amanda will be at the house. Not sure how that’s going down. I’ve also got Helpdesk Training and Shepard to get my ass to. It’s a full Monday.

And not to mention the story I’ve yet to read and the 3 page essay. Yay school.