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you only want that
sweet peach running down your lips
which you cannot have


haiku 14-21

#14 – the hole
a new moon tonight
a heartbeat, a breath, a tear
a step from the edge 

#15 – Flat
cold fingers tonight
holding hands in the darkness
I guess I was right 

#16 – Circle
the smell of fresh bread
to laugh; but is it enough?
I guess I was wrong 

#17 – infinity
the tinkle of rings
bright cold blue skies; forever
i am infinite

#18 – Carrington
a wine colored wall
sipping, seeping, seeing me
haunting; it is time

#19 – six
time stands still, waiting
still the ocean moves away
faster than you chase

#20 – Undone
little boxes there
beside what used to be – but
now just set me free

#21 – White Noise
listen to the stars
whisper, whisper, scream at you
words cut just as deep 



(written 2/25/12 in bed, feeling sorry for myself)

all i want for you to be is happy — or something

Worked tonight then hung out with Jess for a bit. We were going to see the new movie The Runaways with Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning as Cherie. Total lesbian movie let’s be honest people. So I bought tickets for the 12:15am showing on Friday April 9th — which any normal person would assume to occur at midnight between Thursday and Friday. Well so we show up at the theater and they’re closed. So I’m a little more than miffed. If they meant midnight between Friday and Saturday then they should have written 12:15 am on Saturday. Stupid fuckers, seriously.

Instead we got Wendys and I took her to crescent park to sit by the beach. It was actually really a mild night and we had a lot of fun. I did have some moments down memory lane walking past the spot where Amanda and I first kissed and just thinking about how much has happened to me in the past four years. Life really is one hell of an adventure.