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haiku 14-21

#14 – the hole
a new moon tonight
a heartbeat, a breath, a tear
a step from the edge 

#15 – Flat
cold fingers tonight
holding hands in the darkness
I guess I was right 

#16 – Circle
the smell of fresh bread
to laugh; but is it enough?
I guess I was wrong 

#17 – infinity
the tinkle of rings
bright cold blue skies; forever
i am infinite

#18 – Carrington
a wine colored wall
sipping, seeping, seeing me
haunting; it is time

#19 – six
time stands still, waiting
still the ocean moves away
faster than you chase

#20 – Undone
little boxes there
beside what used to be – but
now just set me free

#21 – White Noise
listen to the stars
whisper, whisper, scream at you
words cut just as deep 



(written 2/25/12 in bed, feeling sorry for myself)



there isn’t anyone trying to find me

i’ve gone to look for myself
is this what regret feels like?
looking up through the notches in the staircase banister
the railing – is there another word for that?

it’s cold
the stairs are dusty brown against the grey and white smudged walls
cracks and divets
little snowflakes of plaster turn the stairs grey with age

snap of the light-switch
an ugly antique globe holds a dim brightness
the color has leaked out of everything
i’m standing in greyscale
emptiness inside,
emptiness outside
a greyscale void
with an ever constant tugging

breaths get stuck, caught somewhere in my chest
a heaviness, breathing in smoke
slowly choking
suffocating from the inside out
can you die of regret?

I always thought it ate you alive
gnawing every little bit of your heart away
all you could think of was the past masticating, teething on the future
until there is no future left

but maybe it’s really just tugging
and uncried tears
looking through them at what was
what has been lost…

where do those tears go?

i practiced this for hours…

We talked for about 4 hours – I just got home. We didn’t really ‘talk’ about things, we just sort of caught up at lunch and then we went for coffee (I also drove her across the plaza to grab groceries she needed). I told her that I wanted to do this more often, get together, and she agreed. I also told her it was weird not having her around, which she also agreed with. This was in the last maybe half hour of talking while we were sitting in sbux.

I’m not sure how I feel about everything – I don’t feel bad, like I’m not upset, I think I’m feeling positively. I nearly made myself sick at lunch though, which is funny because I used to do that when we started dating, I’d make myself so nervous that I was nauseous. It was almost like old times (I didn’t talk about the past for the most part though, unless she brought it up) with us just hanging out, no agenda, no pressure. It’s really what I wanted actually, just being together as friends.

I don’t know what I want to say about everything, I guess I still need to process some of it. It was weird when she got out of the car after the market when I dropped her back off at her own car – it was like, neither of us was sure what to do (or maybe just me?). I wanted to give her a hug, but I was buckled in and unbuckling would have been awkward and since she didn’t make a move to, neither did I. She came over to the car after she put the milk in her backseat though;

God, now I’m crying – I’m listening to the first Daughtry CD, a few of the songs I’d put on mixes for her, and I just burst into tears. I don’t even know what I’m crying for;  no that’s not exactly true. It’s because I can see that hole, like I’m standing on the edge looking over into the emptiness. That’s the only way I can describe how I feel right now. I don’t know if the hole got bigger or smaller or didn’t change at all, but I’m staring it down which is something I haven’t wanted to do. I feel that void where I’d like her to be, because she was just standing there, and void was almost gone.

Well now that I have tears dripping off my chin, what I was saying before. We’d been talking about the holidays and I’d told her that my grandmother had stood up on Christmas morning and declared the tennis bag she’d just recieved to be “bitchin” – and I’d laughed like hell. Well, so Amanda comes back up to my door and I roll down the window and shes like, this was bitchin! and we laughed before we both drove off.  I texted her when I got home just to say I’d gotten home and her response was also bitchin! (something tells me I’ve created a monster of a phrase that’s going to haunt me now).

I just hope that seeing her was the right choice, I think it was. This thing that I’m having right now, the tearing up and the tightness in my chest, I was afraid of this, that I’d have this let down after seeing her, sort of like I used to when I didn’t know how soon I’d get to see her again. She told me to text her, which I think was her way of saying we should get together again, but I don’t know. I don’t want to be the initiator the next time I see her (which well could be tomorrow if I go to the new years party at Jen’s and she takes time out of staying with her grandmother to also go – which might prove to be a really interesting night, but I’m digressing), I don’t want the desperate needy one, although that’s what I feel like right now.

Maybe this is what recovering alcoholics feel like when they go into a bar – that’s probably an awful comparison but I don’t have another one. I’m scared, and slightly disgusted with myself at how much I enjoyed seeing her, and how much I’d like to see her again – soon, in fact I’d be cool with the party tomorrow. Except I shouldn’t be, because I need to recover from this feeling.

I feel like I’ve been hit by an emotional bus, just completely frayed emotionally right now, although I thought I’d be okay. Perhaps this will all have been for the best, us seeing each other, in that she’ll make an effort to see me again, but I’m only wishing for things I’ve wished for before, nothing new. I’ll always be just a convenience for her, a convenient time, a convenient place and I deserve to be more than that.

Well I’ve stopped crying which is a plus. I do hope that’s passed – it’s difficult to explain red puffy eyes etc. to the grandparents and it’s cold with the door to my room shut. I just noticed I’m quite liberal with my sentence structures; I probably should work on that a bit. I tend to write the way I think, and fragments and coma splices are better thought (or spoken) than written. Ms. Wrye would have red lines through most of the former paragraphs. I think I’m going to continue writing about lunch, but it’s probably going to be very hard to follow and choppy so you can stop reading now if you like, no hard feelings. I guess I’m doing this to sort out what we talked about, but also so that I remember; I hate forgetting things.

The damn TV in the other room is so loud I can hear it with the door shut, the volume has got to be on like 40 or something ridiculous. I also don’t have any tissues other than the soggy one beside my bed.

We talked about Christmas and presents and such. Apparently her family had a crazy Christmas day episode and Pam and Mary ended up storming out after Gram asked them to take care of Nana for the week because Grampy was going up to VT and she wanted to get to go with him. Jan had to get involved then, and they were all pretty wasted and Pam, Mary and Jan end up leaving in a huff and no one’s talked to them since. Grampy went and Amanda is staying with Gram and Nana because Gram is afraid to stay in the city alone at night. She’s also staying with the kids on Sunday because I guess Maureen and Jeff are going to see Wicked that afternoon – which means that theres a good chance they will stop by my work for dinner. Last year Amanda and I babysat them on New Years so the two of them could go out. I don’t know if I’m going to go to Jen’s tomorrow night. I’m supposed to go see Andrena during the day. If I go to Jen’s, I don’t want to drive home because all the crazies are out, which means I would have to stay there (or at Harry’s I suppose, but that’s again, probably a bad life decision).

When the subject of what we were doing the rest of break came up, I did tell her about me going to Florida. Her first question was also who I was going with and she said she was jealous I was going and to send her a postcard. I think somewhere in this I apologized about not going to see Angels in America and she said it was fine, she’s let it go. I told her its not something that keeps me up at night, but I am still sorry about it, it was sucky of me to do to her, especially after she’d gotten me a comp ticket.

I guess she went out with friends from highschool last night. They went to the movies from what I gathered and maybe out to dinner because she said something about Kim liking Chilis or whatever. I don’t want to think too hard on any of that because I feel like it makes me seem jealous – I don’t want to be jealous, I don’t think I’m jealous. Am I jealous?

I’m trying to think of what else we talked about but nothing seems to be standing out. I suppose that’s a good thing in some cases, it means there was nothing epic discussed, but we also spent so much time catching up, me sort of learning things about her, that I want to remember them. It must not have been anything I didn’t really know. I didn’t mention anything about dates or romantic engagements – she didn’t ask. I did sort of fish about her and Lelia, asking if they were still feuding, to which she replied of course. I know she doesn’t know that I know she declared her undying love for the girl (because that would be awkward to explain, and I don’t think she’d ever trust me again after she found out I’d been spying on her – because calling it stalking just makes it sound all the worse) but I’d at least like to know what’s going on/what happened between them. It’s probably better that I don’t know, the last thing I need is to be jealous when I have nothing to base it on and no claim except my own insecurities and craziness.

I’m sort of having a freak out moment again it seems. I don’t want to sit here and wallow, I need something to take my mind off things or I’m going to think myself into another wave of tears. The fact that the news is on so fucking loud in the house doesn’t help my anxiety levels a bit, and my room is giving me cabin fever. Em’s cleaning her closet still – something I should be finishing but again, that wallowing looms.