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you only want that
sweet peach running down your lips
which you cannot have


haiku 14-21

#14 – the hole
a new moon tonight
a heartbeat, a breath, a tear
a step from the edge 

#15 – Flat
cold fingers tonight
holding hands in the darkness
I guess I was right 

#16 – Circle
the smell of fresh bread
to laugh; but is it enough?
I guess I was wrong 

#17 – infinity
the tinkle of rings
bright cold blue skies; forever
i am infinite

#18 – Carrington
a wine colored wall
sipping, seeping, seeing me
haunting; it is time

#19 – six
time stands still, waiting
still the ocean moves away
faster than you chase

#20 – Undone
little boxes there
beside what used to be – but
now just set me free

#21 – White Noise
listen to the stars
whisper, whisper, scream at you
words cut just as deep 



(written 2/25/12 in bed, feeling sorry for myself)


there isn’t anyone trying to find me

i’ve gone to look for myself
is this what regret feels like?
looking up through the notches in the staircase banister
the railing – is there another word for that?

it’s cold
the stairs are dusty brown against the grey and white smudged walls
cracks and divets
little snowflakes of plaster turn the stairs grey with age

snap of the light-switch
an ugly antique globe holds a dim brightness
the color has leaked out of everything
i’m standing in greyscale
emptiness inside,
emptiness outside
a greyscale void
with an ever constant tugging

breaths get stuck, caught somewhere in my chest
a heaviness, breathing in smoke
slowly choking
suffocating from the inside out
can you die of regret?

I always thought it ate you alive
gnawing every little bit of your heart away
all you could think of was the past masticating, teething on the future
until there is no future left

but maybe it’s really just tugging
and uncried tears
looking through them at what was
what has been lost…

where do those tears go?