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grab yourself a girl…

bustedtees9900044f363e9c41db1fcc3d0c49998eSo instead of our weekly ritual of Tom coming over on Thursdays (which was instituted just last week) he came over last night around midnight. He’d gone for a walk with Jess and then proceeded to come here and not only bawl his eyes out on my couch for three hours whilst we watched VH1, but ate a whole carton of Ben&Jerry’s. He ended up snoozing on my shoulder while I rubbed his head as we watched Tough Love (which is amazingly hysterical and might just be my newest guilty pleasure). Come to think of it, me playing with his hair might have been mildly inappropriate but I think that’s just my nature. Although, I’ve done that to Harry before, and look where that got me. Continue reading


cause I’m marvelous…

bustedtees86716c521bff8971e42540cc4fd20a9cUpdates on the sexually confused. Jess and DJ are in the other room watching Tomb-Raider (which in my opinion is only suitable for a lesbian movie night which ought to end with hot sex and wild Angelina Jolie fantasies). That said, I’ve heard nothing from them all day and I don’t know what Jess is planning to do about the two of them. If I go out there and they’re cuddling on the couch I just might hurl.

Amanda and I went to see the apartment on Huxley. It’s so bright and airy and Technicolor – it’s gorgeous and I love it but I don’t think she can afford the $600+utilities that it’s going to come out to for her to move in with me. Which blows balls, big hairy Mexican balls (not to discriminate, we of the belt between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn understand the whole ‘hairy’ genes). I guess the apartment next door to her grandparents is up for rent — which I mean yeah is awesome because it’s going to only come to like $300+utilities apiece, but we’re going to be living next door to her grandmother. Continue reading

the babes are all around me…

So Jess’s boyfriend DJ is staying with me this weekend. I’m sort of not happy I let her con me into letting him stay but what was I supposed to do? He couldn’t stay with Tom (story there but hold on) and Yi would have freaked if she’d asked for him to be able to stay in her room. Stupid parietals – how arcane and inconvenient!

Apparently Tom has a thing for Jess. Which would be fine if she had broke up with DJ like she was supposed to over winter break because kissing him is like kissing a frog. But she ‘doesn’t want to hurt his feelings’ and instead has kept stringing him along to the point where he spent $300 on airfare to come and visit her from Ohio. Um, is there something wrong with this picture? WTF. Continue reading