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black dress, with the tights underneath…

I took Em to the movies tonight to see It’s Complicated with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. The movie was fantastic. The entire theater was roaring with laughter at some parts and Em loved it too I think, even though it was rated R. The woman at the counter got extra huffy with me and needed “to see some ID” so we could get in. I don’t actually think I’ve ever been asked to show ID to see a movie for godsake. Not to mention, there really wasn’t anything deplorable in the movie for it to be rated like that. The movie was directed excellently with real attention to detail as far as character development and circumstance (and Jane’s home is fucking fantastically gorgeous).

Anyway, Jane, the main character, ends up having an affair with her ex-husband who is now remarried. The two spend the first half of the movie hooking up unbeknownst to their children after their son graduates from college in New York. Things get more complicated when Jane starts seeing Adam, her architect who is played by Steve Martin.

Although humor runs amuck throughout the movie (really in a good way – Adam listening to self-help tapes as he picks up Jane is a good example), I really started to connect with Jane. I know I’m not a 50 year old divorcee with three kids and an ex-husband I’m fooling around with, but I understand what it means to love someone but know that the two of you won’t work out together. I felt really old next to Em, who was convinced Jane would end up back together with her husband – an ending she didn’t approve of and neither did I – but somehow I sensed that wouldn’t be the case. Rather than an awful cliche Hollywood ending where the kids are peachy with their parents getting back together after ten years of being divorced (which took a toll on the family), the two remain friends. It wasn’t sickeningly sweet, it was real and I can appreciate that.

That’s all I want, I want to be friends. I want to sit on that swing, and know that its okay that things are complicated, because I can still love her and not be with her. It might hurt, it’s not easy, but it becomes part of you every day. I feel like I’ve aged in the past week or so – I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Related (of course) would be the text message I got from Amanda during the movie about how she’d just seen Paranormal Activity and was scared shitless out of her mind. We’d talked earlier today about when we’d meet to talk and agreed on Wednesday at Chilis near her house. I’m somewhat apprehensive about seeing her to have the conversation I know we need to have. I reread my entry about what I wanted to say to her and I know its the right thing to do.

I just don’t understand her though. At 11:30ish she told me she’d probably be up all night talking to me because she was too scared to sleep. She then asked if I was home so we could FB chat. I said I was out with Em (which I was) and that I’d be home shortly, this was at around midnight. Then her reply text is that “ur the best drive safe” – which struck me as odd but I sort of just blew it off. When I got home, FB had unanswered messages from her, saying she’d probably be sleeping by the time I got home, not to be mad at her.

And then she said she “can’t wait for lunch wednesday”. I can’t decide if I think she was high/drunk or serious. What does that even mean?

I think I’m just reading too much into this.

Unrelated to that entirely, I told my parents I was going to Florida to see Carlos and my mother’s first question out of her mouth was who was I going with. The absurdity of that question only begets an absurd answer that I was going down with Harry and some friend Liz I pulled out of my ass. I think it would probably be worse if Harry and I were going to see Carlos, talk about three being a crowd.


that boy is a monster…

Grandparents at it again this morning. Stayed up until about 5am watching Vampire Diaries and Howl’s Moving Castle with chocolate cake. Currently just accidentally stalked a FB convo between Amanda and Lelia about whether or not she’s dating Julie. I’m really not interested, I just wanted to see what she’d been up to – Lelia is not someone I tend to worry over, I think she’s pretty awesome, for being 30 and all. But yeah, instant karma there because I felt super guilty. Not guilty enough not to do it a second time, since apparently chat gets updated even if you’re logged in two places at once…? Weird. But again, why I’m not a fan of FB chat.

i predict a riot…

Woke up to the sound of Nana scolding the dog as she cleaned my bathroom – for the third time in the past three days. Then she and Papa proceed to have a yelling match across the house about who is going to string the lights and who is going to rake the leaves because he ought to be done by now because if she was doing it she’d have been done ages ago and why can’t he ever do anything right and why does he have to be so lazy etc. I seriously hope I don’t channel her in my relationships. I need to make a conscious effort not to do that.

Haven’t talked to Harry except for a drunk text last night (sent by me, although completely sober). Did some FB stalking today, although since the internet wasn’t working here yesterday, I feel less of an inclination to hop on over to CafeWorld or to check up on exs and possible exs. I’m turning over a new leaf – besides tomorrow is supposed to be Official Day Without Facebook. We’ll see how long this lasts.

I made so much money last night waitressing I can’t even believe it. We were crazy busy don’t get me wrong, but I never expected that sort of bank. I did tip out the bus-girls and the bar so I ended up bringing about $50 less home than I would have but I guess if I don’t start thinking about that money as being mine then it shouldn’t hurt my pockets so much.

I downloaded the rest of The Vampire Diaries, although I’m sad to announce that MiniNova has joined the great beyond of torrent sites. I ended up snagging them elsewhere (of course I have backup sources) but Mini was really my favorite and they hadn’t virused me to date. They had to change their policies due to the ruling of a lawsuit in Utrecht (of all places). So now I have 9 episodes to catch up on AND Howl’s Moving Castle, because we all need a Miyazaki fix every now and again.

EDIT: I really wish I could find better someEEcards sometimes, such as this one where I was hoping for something about how lazy you are. Eh, it still fits.