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made like ice cream topped with honey…

fri_104We finished off the last of the stash tonight so I’ll be sleeping with my window open. Luckily it’s only supposed to get down around 37 tonight, not like the low of 25 last night. But it was worth it, so I’m not complaining.

I didn’t finish the work I needed to for last semester. It’s due in 20min and there’s no way it’s going to happen. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I just don’t care. The sliding of my academic value system has been gradual but at this rate I won’t be coming back next semester, which just cannot happen. I talked to Jim and he said I’m still welcome to work here over the summer so at least I’ll have a job. But I need to get my act together. I printed the courses for next semester I’d like to take here, but enrollment isn’t until two days before finals and I’m not holding my breath. I won’t know about financial aid till August anyways. I’m not sure when they’d hold the meeting about my scholarship if I don’t make the requirements (which is seeming to loom doubtfully in the distance). Continue reading


the babes are all around me…

So Jess’s boyfriend DJ is staying with me this weekend. I’m sort of not happy I let her con me into letting him stay but what was I supposed to do? He couldn’t stay with Tom (story there but hold on) and Yi would have freaked if she’d asked for him to be able to stay in her room. Stupid parietals – how arcane and inconvenient!

Apparently Tom has a thing for Jess. Which would be fine if she had broke up with DJ like she was supposed to over winter break because kissing him is like kissing a frog. But she ‘doesn’t want to hurt his feelings’ and instead has kept stringing him along to the point where he spent $300 on airfare to come and visit her from Ohio. Um, is there something wrong with this picture? WTF. Continue reading

we built this city on rock & roll…

I think it’s funny that when I sign on and find out that I had 60 views on Sunday then go to check Activemeter to see who they are — it’s my sister. Well maybe not funny but I think it’s cute at least. Someone reads my blog after all. I love you Em, silly girl who should have better things to do with her time.

I’m just sort of going out of my mind. I don’t have anything productive to say other than that. I did not want to get out of bed this morning. I missed a meeting with Dr. Jen yesterday because I neglected to check my email like the email checking fiend I am. Jenny spent Monday night at my house (again) after getting trashed at the cast party after press night. The show is going well other than that of course. This is so fractured that it’s barely even worth reading at this point. I can’t really keep my thoughts together today – god only knows how I wrote that paper on Vera Brittain last night. It was only about 4 pages with quotes plus a works cited page but it was more than 1200 words which is part of the criteria so whatever.

I’d just really like to go back to bed. I have to read some Mrs. Dalloway for seminar this afternoon. Luckily we read it last semester in ENG175 so I have notes and such already. I’m just planning to skim and hope the quiz goes for the best. Oh, I need to print my essay while I’m thinking of it.


In case anyone was curious, since I so luckily know my art history just a little, this painting (which was on my exam on Monday) is by Matisse done in 1905. It is entitled simply “The Woman with a Hat” (not having anything to do with the qualities of the hat, such as fruit perhaps, as I had imagined). Supposedly the model for this painting was Matisse’s wife, Amélie. The bold use of color and line, as I understand it, are what characterize this painting in as French Fauvism. That would be the part I got wrong, since I’ve never heard of Fauvism before and would simply refer to Matisse’s work as Modern Art.

You can view more of Matisse’s paintings here.