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all i want is you…

Charlotte had her surgury so she’s unhappily crying in the adjacent room, locked in her cage with a cone around her neck. I feel so bad 😦

However, dealing with my own shit right now is a bit more important. I’m going to strangle Kay and Alyssa for just not having and common sense. They moved out of the apartment (which fine, I can understand that I guess), have me move the rest of my shit that’s being stored there, and then never bother talking to Peter about their plans. Kay blew me off Thursday night when we were supposed to sit down and talk about everything so I spent an hour just crying in the empty apartment not knowing what the hell I’m going to do. Peter was going to meet me (essientally I was tricking her into talking to him by just having him show up unannounced) and then he didn’t show.

So now I’m financially responsible (at least for half) the rent of an apartment that I no longer live in and that apparently now no one lives in. So I’m just fucking pissed as all hell. I was going to meet Kay this morning to talk and I honestly didn’t want to and really I sort of forgot about it last night. Well anyway, I get a text from Alyssa this morning at 10 to see if I’m close. I respond that my work schedule changed and I thought I textd Kay. Her response was thanks so much for the inconvenience.

FOR THE FUCKING INCONVENIENCE ALYSSA?? wtf seriously? I didn’t even grace it with a response because I was afraid I was going to be fresh. Like – well just think, now you have time to clean the place up – or – i guess now you understand how I feel most of the time. I just can’t even fathom the way their minds work. It fucking blows my mind.

So my plan is to clean the place up so that it can be subletted until the end of our lease. I guess for now my plan of action is to pay Peter the portion of the rent that I’d owe him until the end of the lease (which is like $1200 and makes me want to vomit) and try to find a subletter who will either pay the rest of hopefully will be able to pay all the rent so I can get my money back. The chances of this occuring are rather slim, let’s be honest. I just don’t want to be dragged into court when he takes them in for abandonment and breaking the lease.

All this stress about the apartment and money (which is why I moved in here, so that money was no longer an issue) is coupled with the Amanda stuff as well as transfering to a new school. Hopefully Monday my financial aid stuff will be settled (I already owe $75,000 in loans and I’m just digging deeper without a degree) and in July I’ll start for my Occupational Therapy certification. This only puts me 6 months behind my original graduation date so the fact that I pissed around for a year is played down, which is nice.

The only downer on all of this is that I won’t be in school now until July, which leaves me 6 months of wanting to die couped up in this house. I’ll be working full time which is a plus (I made great money last night but I worked a double but it was worth it *crazed) and I’m joining a gym this week, but I wanted to be in class. Amanda doesn’t think it’s a great idea to be honest which hurt my feelings but I wanted her honest opinion. I’m planning on going through with it though because at least it’s some kind of future.

Unrelated but also occuring on Thursday, Harry texted me he was in the city and we went out for Hookah, which was a lot of fun especially after the stressful day. Amanda called me while we were out (she got out at like 930 instead of 11 so I wasn’t expecting a call and didn’t answer) to see if I wanted to hang up and I missed her call. I was really upset about it because I wanted to see her (maybe to talk about wednesday?) and I was mad at myself for missing her call.


ive been spending all my time just thinkin about you…

Rang in the new year with Em and my parents instead of going out, which was probably a good choice. I drove to see Lucky yesterday morning and we had breakfast before I had to leave because of the snow. Suffice it to say, driving back home was a bitch; I saw four accidents, some car flipped over, and then essentially couldn’t get off the highway because I didn’t know where I was and theres about 7 miles between exits 7 and 6 on 95 south. I got off the highway and burst into tears, I don’t ever remember being so scared to drive in my life.

After that, I ended up spending the day with Em as she cleaned out more of her room. Amanda also texted me for a bit, worried about me and wanting to make sure I was okay. She’s instigated both today and yesterday’s texting conversations so I think things are going well. In fact, we’re supposed to go to Target in a half hour or so – she just wants to go shopping but she also said she wanted to see me, which made me smile and feel good.

I’ll update tomorrow mostlikely about resolutions and such, I just wanted to scribble something down before I went out.

want your bad romance…

Harry’s radio show just ended – me being one of two listeners apparently whose IPs he can trace from the station with the LK. The other would be his mother. So I’m rather pathetic.

I swear if Nan tries to rearrange the sheets/comforter on my bed or fix my curtains or anything even remotely having to do with this room I’m going to scream. I love them both but I’m not a fan of the two of them going at it across the house. JD says it’s only going to get worse. I do hope he’s wrong.

Moving in with them probably wasn’t the easiest choice but I guess it’s not so bad? I feel like Alyssa and Kay have sorta forgotten about me (altho benefit of the doubt to Kay since she’s in FL right now).

Writing some poetry perhaps tonight? I’d like to get something accomplished. I should be working on my essay for WMNS but the likelyhood of that occuring is pretty slim. Dinner etc. with the family tomorrow should prove interesting – although I’m sure no one is even going to notice that Nan spent most of the day cleaning the place.