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Do I care that shes on the phone with Bianca? That she didnt mention I was in the car? Or that I’m having lunch with her and Devin? Or the apartments we’re looking at are for me too? Or that she’s been staying at my house? Or that I slept with her at Grammys last night?

I’d say no but that would be at least slightly a lie. Because I’m not sure how well it sits with me…


Right — so that part where I said it didnt bother me – that I wasnt jealous – clearly that was then and this is now. It wasnt a lie but right now my eyes are burning green. Not sure the last time I felt this jealous…

She also said she loved you. Not sure how I feel about this. I should never have looked. ARGH WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?!?!?!?

Relationships at a new level when im perched on the toilet like a lesbian gargoyle trying so hard to hold it while laughing so hard im crying and shes sweeping the floor for the glass I just shattered in an attempt to hide my naked self from the fully open window some asshole didnt shut only to flash the neighborhood twice in the process. Top it off once im finally able to sit and pee sans the glass im still laughing so hard I fart and then discover i actually need to poop. She looks me dead in the eye in the mirror and a little splash gives me away. Just about died. And laughed so hard I cried. Dude we werent even high….