I wonder if I say the words over and over how long it will take me to believe them. How long before I can really believe we arent meant for each other? How long before I believe that loving you isn’t enough? How ling before I realize how much of a fool I am after all this time. I really don’t believe we will work out in this lifetime, at least not the way we live now. I want to believe that in other lives we are happy and I lie in bed with you every night and I understand how lucky I am. Because the nights I laid beside you in 2013, in this lifetime, I wasted a lot of those. I wasted them in anger, in hurt, in stubbornness, and in stupidity. But they are gone and each night I sleep away another night I’ll never be able to relive. So I believe in the fate of two souls as I drift off to sleep with your breath and the smell of your hair on my mind. I convince myself that if its truly meant to be then it will be, in this life perhaps or another. And as I close my eyes I really believe I can give you up and im proud of my selflessness. But too soon the morning sun cuts through my window and illuminates the emptiness in my heart I thought I’d healed the night before. Thus again we dance an Endless Waltz.


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