ain’t no rest for the wicked…

I really wish you weren’t at hookah and that we could talk. There are alot of things I want to run by you that I have to decide quickly about that are difficult for me. I wanted your help and I’m sad that you can’t be there.

I’m also a bit jealous you’re out and I’m at home. It’s St. Patrick’s Day — I want to be out with friends partying — and I don’t have any friends to be out with. It’s weighing heavy on me. All I do is work – schools not even a huge thing for me and it’s not like I have friends in my class.

Kay’s not talking to me, things with us just fell out after she screwed me over at the apartment. I’m not quite lost, perhaps just wayward or unsure. There’s lots for me to consider and sift through as far as thoughts and choices go.


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