This is my 500th journal entry, I’m quite proud. So, stats then.

December 2009 was my most viewed month at a whopping 567 views in total. February 2009 comes in a far second with 439. So far this month we’re looking at 342. My most viewed day was Wednesday February 25 2009 with 75! I have 56 journal comments on 500 posts with 435 tags. My top tag is POETRY with 71 topics, followed byRELATIONSHIPS with 37. My most tagged artist is LADY GAGA with 9 entries titled with her lyrics. audacitytheorist has commented the most with 7! J left my most recent comment.

Top post is don’t mind, it’s a common reaction… with 43 views followed by whaddaya want from me… with a lowly 25. In total my blog has had 3,079 views which blows my mind! My most posted month is May 2004 with 28 entries and July 2007 coming in next at 26.

My top tag referrer is the word “sex” (o.O) with 24 hits. girl-snatch has sent me the most visitors of other blogs with 13. I have sent 6 people to roughian.livejournal.com. Coming in next would be boysandbooks where  I’ve sent 4 lovely guests! 3 people are subscribed to my blog, one of them is me.

Alright that’s about all for now. Any other stats you might be interested in?

I’m getting ready for work soon. I’ll update either later tonight or tomorrow with the valentine’s debacle and how it alls turns out. Mentally prepare yourself.


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