this is all we got…

Went to see Beauty and the Beast tonight with Em and mom and it was OMG FUCKING FABULOUS! It’s always been my favorite fairy tale and the story just gets me everytime. I basically cried through most of it. I just really identified with Belle who didn’t fit in and wanted so much more from life than what was planned for her, what people expected from her. Once she’s in the castle, she sings a song called Home which I know by heart and I just bawl every time I hear it.

Belle’s reprise gets me too.

All in all the show was great, I’d never seen the theatrical production before and I was very impressed for the most part. There was some lack of plot development between the end of the first act and the beginning of the second – suddenly he goes after her into the woods and now they’re friends because he saved her life. I mean I know it’s a story, and whatever it’s silly to except the story to change but still.

I think the story just hit me on the whole with a lot more umph than it usually does with everything going on right now in my life. A song I hadn’t heard before is called A Change in Me and again, I cried. On the bright side, they weren’t very loud tears, just the sort that leak from your eyes when you’re filled with an indescribable emotion. I wasn’t so much sad as understood — if that makes any sense.

I guess Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite because Belle didn’t love the Beast because he was a prince. She didn’t love him because he was beautiful or because he had money. She loved him because he was good and he loved her. He loved her enough to sacrifice his happiness for her own. I can’t say I want someone to do that for me, but I know that there are times where I’d consider doing it for someone else and the idea that things can still work out gives me hope. I know it’s only a story – and for the most part fairy tales like Snow White and Cinderella nauseate me because things like that don’t really happen.

Perhaps it’s the same with Belle and the Beast. But I’d like to think that people can turn away from their selfishness and genuinely love another, so much so that it can bring two people together and truly make them happy. I’m such a romantic sap sometimes.

I’m now going to mar this entry with mention of Amanda (obviously, are you surprised? nope not at all, don’t lie).  I’ve been really good the last two days I think. She texted me tonight while I was at the show if she could still borrow my Raisin in the Sun book, and of course she can. After the show I went to my parents house and rooted through the garage to find it (which I did).

Of course then there was the trouble of trying to set up a time/place for her to pick it up or for me to drop it off. She’s busy all day tomorrow and she’d have to get it from me in the city at 8:45am which I don’t want to do at all. Either that or tomorrow at midnight when she gets out, which also would suck. I said I’d just drop it off to her in between classes or leave it on her car at school but she didn’t want me to do that.

Then she suggested Sunday, but that leaves her nearly no time to read it (she probably needs to have it finished for Monday) and she’s still got rehearsal and I have to work in the afternoon. I said I’d just drop it in her mailbox at her house tomorrow while no one was home so she’d have it – she didn’t like that idea, which lead me to think she at least sort of wanted to see me for this exchange. Which is a concept I like. However, once we decided on a time for Sunday, I asked if this was going to be like a drug deal or if she was actually going to come upstairs to the apartment, where the transaction would have to take place because that’s still the easiest spot since I apparently can’t bring it to her house and I know she won’t come to my grandparents to get it. She said she didn’t really have a lot of time so it’d be just her grabbing the book. I don’t fucking understand that girl.

I wish my life were as easy as being locked away with a Beast who at least loved me, even if he was crass and sort of an ogre.

That’s a photo from high-school, more than likely junior year, perhaps senior year. She’s beautiful. I wish I didn’t love her so much. I nauseate myself. 😦


I’m an idiot. Sunday is Valentine’s Day. What does this mean? Other than the fact that I can be lame and give her the boxers I bought her. *sigh


2 responses to “this is all we got…

  1. CLEARLY Jasmine/aladin is cooler than bella 😛

  2. I like the new layout =D

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