and even though, your clothes were on and everything…

I spent the day packing for Florida, I’m so fucking excited! I think it’s taken a bit of time for it to get through my head that I’m really going, this will be the first actual vacation I’m taking alone. I’m the sort of person who always plans going places with friends or something (read: Vegas for Kay and my 21st in may) but plans never pan out or it falls through or there’s no money. In short, so excited. I spent the day parading around the house in shorts and summer tops and checking out my ass in my favorite jeans.

Aside from the fun of sorting through my clothing, I had a rather dry day, not bad by dry. I watched some TV. American Idol cracks me up immensely and although I’ve never followed a season before I’m really going to make an effort to try this time. Besides, Ellen is going to be on, why wouldn’t I want to follow??

Project Runway also started tonight, woohoo for being back in NYC where the show belongs. Fuck Lifetime for screwing that up last season – and I’m sorry but Irina should not have won, Carol Hannah all the way!!! I joined the Tim Gun fanpage of FB, it was necessary. I am also completely in love with Heidi Klum. She is so adorable with Seal, it would be nauseating if it wasn’t so sincere. There’s a really nice article about her in this month’s Style, check it out.

I watched the new SVU – omfg I love Olivia Benson immensely. And that’s not biased because I love Mariska, I love them equally and separately and together etc. I also love Elliot because he’s such a good guy, and I love Dr. Wong – hell I love them ALL.

I’ve got Biggest Loser to catch up with, although I’m not sure how religiously I’ll keep up this season. Jersey Shore was on tonight as well, and guilty pleasure or not, I’m super excited to see what happens next. It’s so wrong and I love it. I ought to be ashamed of their portrayal of Italian Americans (a group which I 75% belong to) but apparently the amusement I gather from watching trumps said shame. According to FB my Jersey Shore nickname is Sookie, which of course makes my evening (Sookie Stackhouse anyone? ^^).

And apparently by ‘some tv’, I meant alot. I won’t prattle on, I’m going to probably watch a movie or read one of the books I got last night while I was out with Amanda. Borders is going out at the mall and everything was like 60-80% off. I bought 3 books, notecards and berts bees lipbalm for under $12. Such a steal.


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