meet me halfway…

It’s been awhile, things have been sorta crazed, I’ll admit. I’m not entirely sure what I have to say, I mused the other day and was convinced I would write something meaningful and provocative and that obviously did not occur. The day I spent in the library farting around for five hours was a complete waste of my time. I didn’t finish WMNS so I’m officially an entire year behind schedule. I fucking suck, I just want to put that out there.

Went to Jen’s last night for a party and we had a lot of fun. Amanda didn’t go (she had to work apparently) but I think she was just avoiding me. Regardless, I’m actually very glad she didn’t show and her friends and I had fun. Jen (albiet drunk) told me she thought I was a better friend than Amanda anyways. I agree.

I talked to Amanda the other night and she just pissed me off. She was going on and on and on about how awesome and busy she is socially and shit. I don’t give a fuck that Lelia and then gave her edible underwear and sex toys for Christmas at her house the 11th at the party she held. And frankly I also doubt how accurate that is, since she’s got a pentchant for lying that I was reminded of last night by both Jen and Weez. (I dislike calling Eloise “Weez” but that seems to be catching on with me, ick. She’s still MissE in my phone though.)

Kait and Jen ended up sloshed per usual (just like in March at Amanda’s teacher’s house) but did not end up making out with eachother. Jen’s got her gf Shawna and Kait ended up hooking up with Mara. I suppose I should feel just a bit guilty for letting her go off like that, but she’s not really my friend (as I have been repeatedly reminded) and she doesn’t really see me as a friend of hers, so she’s not really my responsibility. If Amanda was there, she’d have freaked the hell out (as I’m sure she will when she finds out what went down come to think of it) but Kait is a big girl and if she chooses to drink while on medication, as long as she’s not trying to off herself, there’s not too much I can do about her. Mara shouldn’t have done what she did, her boyfriend Kyle is in Korea right now and called her before all this went down, but again, not my concern.

I will say however, that Kay and I waited an extra hour before leaving when we found out that Kait had gotten really wasted and thrown up all over herself and the bed she was sleeping in (Bill’s bed, Jen’s roommate who has gone home for break). I did my best to make sure she was okay (vomit is not something I can easily deal with) and I think I did pretty well, since Weez was gagging in the other room. Kay and I held her hair for a bit and eventually it was decided that Mitch (who had come with Kait, and frankly, as Mikayla’s little brother, was the one who was really supposed to be responsible for Kait) was sober enough to take care of her and make sure she was okay. Jen by this time was passed out in bed (she was fine, I’d checked on her already), Lisa was in the car ready to leave, and Weez and Mara were going home with her. The boys had left an hour or so before (typical).

All in all, I’d say it was an eventful night. I drove Kay’s car home (since she’d been drinking and I ALWAYS end up being the sober one, most likely by subconscious choice since everyone else seems to need to be taken care of) and as we’re pulling out of Jen’s driveway, I can’t get the car into third gear. We knew Kay was overdue for an oil change (I’m guilty of that as well in fact) but I didn’t know it had been that bad. I was really nervous that we weren’t going to make it back to Erin’s, where we were staying the night a few towns over.

I pulled into the first Mobil we saw and bought oil, after checking the manual of course. It took us a good half hour to open her hood and let the engine cool a bit before adding the oil but Lucy purred when I started her up again so we did make it back to Erin’s c.3am. Our adventures never cease to amaze me.

Harry blew us off last night, and by us I mean technically me and Kay but really I just mean me. We were supposed to toke up and he just flaked out which I think had something to do with him also not wanting to see me (although mostlikely for different reasons than Amanda – I hope…?) He had an exam at 8am this morning and he needed to study. I don’t doubt that he still got trashed last night however.

Tonight I’m supposed to go out to celebrate Julie’s 21st birthday. I got called out of work because of the storm (which I’m pleased about since I didn’t want to go in to begin with after having a slight headache from getting about 3 hours of sleep on the floor in Erin’s living room) but that same storm may well prevent us from all going out. If that’s the case I’m going to be very bummed out.

I’m sure there are other things I could mention right now, but nothing specifically comes to mind. I’m going to attempt to keep up now that my computer monitor has been fixed (again).


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