want your bad romance…

Harry’s radio show just ended – me being one of two listeners apparently whose IPs he can trace from the station with the LK. The other would be his mother. So I’m rather pathetic.

I swear if Nan tries to rearrange the sheets/comforter on my bed or fix my curtains or anything even remotely having to do with this room I’m going to scream. I love them both but I’m not a fan of the two of them going at it across the house. JD says it’s only going to get worse. I do hope he’s wrong.

Moving in with them probably wasn’t the easiest choice but I guess it’s not so bad? I feel like Alyssa and Kay have sorta forgotten about me (altho benefit of the doubt to Kay since she’s in FL right now).

Writing some poetry perhaps tonight? I’d like to get something accomplished. I should be working on my essay for WMNS but the likelyhood of that occuring is pretty slim. Dinner etc. with the family tomorrow should prove interesting – although I’m sure no one is even going to notice that Nan spent most of the day cleaning the place.


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