we know how to pray, party everyday…

coll_04I got a text from Jerry this afternoon around 4:15 telling me that two surgical students are moving into my apartment Sunday (which would be tomorrow) at 4. He’s coming by at 2 to clean out the two spare rooms they’ll be taking.

I essentially flipped a shit and have been freaking out since then. Not only is he in violation of my lease by not giving me 48 hours notice that he’s coming over (a fact I was happy to ignore Friday when he showed the place to a sketchy middle-aged man because I was in a good mood and wasn’t doing anything and was home anyways) but WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT?!?!?!?!!?

I’ve lived by myself in this apartment since July, why the fuck does he need to come up with roommates for me now? It’s not like he was ever concerned with coming to get the rent, paying the cable or even the fucking electricity! Why does he suddenly care so much about the place now? I just paid him $2400 so I can’t think it’s because of the money, but here he is just the same, moving to complete strangers into my apartment!

All this after Sasha and JD leave, after I’ve just gotten done telling them how much I love my apartment and how sweet it is that I live here by myself. Like what right does Jerry have to do this to me? It’s not my fault that no one moved in a long time ago but I can’t believe he’s pulling this! He hasn’t even called me to actually tell me. What if I hadn’t gotten the text message?

I’ve spent most of the afternoon moving my shit from the two rooms (which would be things like my easel, my books, my bins of seasonal clothes) and the living room. I’ve basically torn apart my house and I’m pissed beyond belief – I’m just ready to pop. 

I told the Bros upstairs to be as awful as possible. I’m not cleaning, I’m going to play my music loud and Amanda and I are going to have crazy loud sex in the hopes of scaring away these two people. Let them move into Peter’s place on Huxley for all I care at this point, it’d be the same price if they already know each other anyways. AND they wouldn’t have me to contend with. I might have Jen come over and get drunk and sleep naked on my couch and throw a crazy party on Tuesday night. I also might move all the lesbian posters I have into the kitchen and leave my underwear on random doorknobs. I’m just so beyond pissed off.

I was supposed to be less stressed this weekend. I have a 15 page thesis draft due Monday I haven’t started on Phillip if Macedon. I have an exam on Monday that I need to get at least a B+ on so that I can keep my scholarship. I also have something due for my writing class I’m sure, I just haven’t gone to it so I wouldn’t actually know and I need to find out. I’m just freaking the fuck out and I can’t believe this is actually happening. 

What a great fucking Saturday night.


Actually, I have a 3-5 page paper due tomorrow for writing on a recent incident in my life that reminds me of an episode in my childhood. I guess this just gave me the perfect thing to write about. UGH.


3 responses to “we know how to pray, party everyday…

  1. NOOO! its your apartment! don’t move the lezzy posters! its a lesbian apartment and they are intruders so tell them if they don’t like it they can get the F*CK OUT!

    on a lighter note…i can’t wait for the blog post about you scaring them away with crazy loud lesbian sex. That post shall be awesome . DOOO IT DOO IT DOOO IT!

    • Haha, no I was planning to move the lesbian posters (I have the tanya chalkin KISS poster up in my room and KatVonD on my door) into the kitchen so they’re above the table and beside the fridge. My photos are all over the fridge as it is in fact 😀

  2. ohh ! blah at my illiteracy haha yesss dooo it ! drive them crazy… i hope they aren’t gay or else you’ll need another plan haha

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