grab yourself a girl…

bustedtees9900044f363e9c41db1fcc3d0c49998eSo instead of our weekly ritual of Tom coming over on Thursdays (which was instituted just last week) he came over last night around midnight. He’d gone for a walk with Jess and then proceeded to come here and not only bawl his eyes out on my couch for three hours whilst we watched VH1, but ate a whole carton of Ben&Jerry’s. He ended up snoozing on my shoulder while I rubbed his head as we watched Tough Love (which is amazingly hysterical and might just be my newest guilty pleasure). Come to think of it, me playing with his hair might have been mildly inappropriate but I think that’s just my nature. Although, I’ve done that to Harry before, and look where that got me.

Essentially Tom was completely honest with Jess (as he should have been) and she freaked out on him, started talking about Niezche’s philosophy about love and shit. She’s just off her rocker – Tom is such a nice guy and he’s her friend so at least if she didn’t want to be with him then she could be somewhat diplomatic about it. It’s not like he blindsided her either, I told her that’s what he had been upset about and the reason he wanted to talk to her. I don’t think it was wrong of me to do so, especially since she didn’t even take my advice to mull the idea over in her head until he approached her about it (or hell, better yet, approach him about it).

I know she’s been depressed lately, but you can’t just push people away when that happens. If anything, she needs him more now than ever, even if not in the capacity that he wants. Pulling shit in the third person like “I can’t even go to lunch because I might see my best friend who is mad at me” is beyond childish. Her biggest problem is that she believes she’s unlovable. I know she’s in therapy but it doesn’t seem to be going too well if she can’t even hold a serious, meaningful, adult conversation with her best friend, who she then makes miserable for the rest of the night. Seriously man, I wanted that B&J – it was Half Baked.

So Relay for Life is tomorrow night and since they’re on the same team, it seems I’m being called in as buffer reinforcements. Tom didn’t come over tonight – I’m assuming he’s just wallowing in self pity – and Jess just signed off when I IMd her to see if she wanted to chat about anything. The drama between the two of them just makes me glad I’m in a somewhat drama-less (except not?) relationship. So I don’t know if they talked today or fought some more or what’s going on. I just want it to get sorted out so they can be happy again – together or not together doesn’t really matter to me. Tom had just better bring his own ice-cream next time.


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