is that all right…

So I’m sort of supposed to be in my writing class right now, which obviously is not the case.  Since I hadn’t done my assignment for class (I knew there was something I’d forgotten this morning) it would have been pointless to be there anyway and thus I went to lower campus to see if Jen had any spaces today. The girl at the desk was nice enough (I think Donna was at lunch) and Jen was in session but I’m on the schedule for next Friday. I actually just checked my email though and Jen is free tonight after 6 so I guess it was a good thing I didn’t go to class. At least I’ll be in to see her before the end of next week.

So, in the spirit of not have done my assignment before class, how about I do it during class. So here goes:

Head over forwards, front root to tip, start from the bottom. Don’t squeeze too tight, don’t pull, the iron coming down in smooth motions. Barefoot, in one had a brush and in the other the iron as she stands over the sink. The mirror is a mass of hair, combination damp and curly, shiny and smooth, eyes peeking out. Don’t forget some volume in the back. Putting the iron down, she flips her head upright. The bathroom spins around her, shapes flying by, the blue shower curtain with rubber ducks. She tilts her head to the side. Poker straight; not straight enough.


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