they don’t know us anyway…

The most annoying sound is the bing on Gmail to say you have a new chat message waiting. It makes me want to pick up the computer and throw it across the room even when I’m in a mellow mood. And it doesn’t stop. It just keeps binging. 

Its cute though, I’m helping my sister pick her freshman highschool classes. It’s so weird because I remember sitting down to do the same thing. BVA is offering Chinese now and Elementary Arrabic and I’m so super jealous because I don’t even think we have an Arrabic class. I’m looking into both of those for next semester. As well as Latin I think. And that fucking Calculus class that I need to pass this time around. At least I was six credits ahead so now I’m only three ahead. It’ll make it easy enough to makeup but still, like WTF.

I love how I’ve decided this within my first two weeks of the current semester. I need to figure out when midsemester is though for two reasons. One being that my shit for Murphy that I haven’t fucking started is due then and course registration is the week after that. And being a junior I’ll get better standing, although it seems only above a single group instead of two. But every little bit helps. 

So I’m completely losing my mind lately. I forget the most random things, such as the fact that I had a fourth class this afternoon at 2:30 as I was walking home. I just skipped it but then I nearly forgot about my 5:30 meeting with Jim to go over the new Helpdesk system. Jesus Christ this is a bad trend. I seriously hope it’s not a funny med-side-effect beacuse I’d be extremely unhappy, even moreso than I already am.  

Other than that, last night I suffered from a bad case of the munchies and now I’m sort of undecided about what to eat. I’m not sure what I want. It’s awful when you don’t even know what you’re hungry for.


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