just take those old records off the shelf….

I’ve forgotten how nice it can be to journal. So after reading through posts that I know people I absolutely loathe have been reading (yes I’m talking about you, you know who you are) I figure I’ve got nothing to lose at this point anyways. Seriously, people with all their dyke drama need to take it somewhere else and out of my fucking life. I don’t care what you do with yourself, I don’t want you dead, I don’t want you suffering, just stay the fuck away from me and the people I love. Honestly, you people don’t have anything better to do with your time than drive by my house and harass my friends on a Friday night? Okay and not to mention the fact that you know you obviously aren’t welcome in my house, you hussy. Yes, that’s right, I called you a hussy. I’m glaring at you through my text, you just can’t see me.

So other than people I can’t stand from highschool being completely immature and ridiculous lately, life’s been alright. Living in a three bedroom apartment by yourself can be fun but I’m often lonely. Jenny came to stay with me for a few days when she didn’t go home after the PA incident. I guess she’s staying with her boyfriend Dave now, although classes started this week for second semester and I know she’s taking classes in Kingston so I don’t know how that will work out since he lives in Rehobeth. Regardless, it was nice to have the company but she drove me a little insane. I think I’m still finding her hair in things.

I have cable again, which is exciting. I watched Bromance on MTV and got a good kick Monday night when Gary from work was on there. He’s such a sweet kid and seeing him with the bros made me just want to die laughing. He wasn’t really himself on the show in my opinion and he sort of came off as a lazy jerk but he’s really not at all like that. I’m still glad he got kicked off though (oops, sorry, spoiler!) since being friends with Brody (by the way, what the hell is he even famous from? being a boy lauren conrad dated? hell if I know) isn’t something I’d ever see working out for Gary. Hey, 15 minutes of fame though, I’m not knocking it.

Other mindless reality TV of late would be Tool Academy that Tracey and I watched last night. I just don’t understand the sort of women that date assholes like that. They aren’t even the seemingly benign assholes who appear to be nice guys – these guys just ooze dick head (that’s a really graphics image). I don’t see the draw to being with someone who treats you like dirt, can’t bother to respect you and cheats on you, whether it’s a man or a woman. Because I’m not sticking up for douchey women out there – you people need to get a clue as well. These girls had to know what they were getting themselves into so it’s hard for me to even really feel sorry for them. I mean yeah, I do, because their boyfriends are tools, but come on. And, to top it all off, who the fuck raises kids like that? I hope their parents are ashamed!

Mmm, yeah that’s about all I have to say. Go Obama!



Reading over my post, I sound really angsty tonight. I actually had a pretty fabulous day aside from a two hour long seminar that was supposed to be canceled and instead we sat and covered art history. Okay so maybe that’s why I’m a little angsty, I did just get home. But all in all this semester looks like it’s going to be fabulous so no complaints as of yet.

However, I wish my landlord would salt the sidewalk in front of the house. I don’t think this property is zoned for a recreational skating rink.


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