my body’s longing to hold you…

Good news: Amanda wasn’t blowing me off on Tuesday. Bad News: She wasn’t blowing me off and not answering her phone because she is really sick with yet another kidney infection and strep throat. And to top it all off, her mom is back in the hospital with a serious bacterial infection because the stupid doctors gave her stupid meds to kill all the bacteria in her colon which only succeeded in killing the good ones so the bad ones got to be all alive and shit and now she’s got a massive colon infection and in the hospital.

See, this all just blows. I haven’t gotten to see my girl in 7 days and I miss her ridiculous amounts. She’s sick on top of it all so I can’t be there to take care of her and it’s killing me even more. I feel bad her mom is sick again too and so is her sister and her dad but her dad’s just an ass in general. He didn’t go to work last night so I couldn’t go over and see her after work (which was actually exciting because we got out at 11:09 which is nearly unheard of).

The Irish are leaving within the next two weeks which sort of makes me sad but excited at the same time. I’m not sure who is living with me in the fall but now I can’t wait to clean and get it all nice nice again. I think I’m going to hire KaRon to do the cleaning though. Because I think it’s too much for me to do by myself and I can’t enlist Amanda to help me, especially after she’s taken so much time out of work lately.

As far as other things I need to handle, I still need to go to the bank and deposit my checks. I also need to talk to Reslife because I got my bill and the health insurance charge when through as well as I need to resolve the housing issue for the fall and basically lie my ass off and tell them that no, I’m going to live with my parents, my mother was mistaken. Oye Vey. I also have to pee. So I’m cutting this entry short. Peace.


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