take me away…

Ugh, so I’m feeling like a complete loser today. Overslept this morning so I didn’t get to work until 11, which means I’ve got another full week of lunch coverage. It’s not that I was even being a lazy ass and decided not to show up. I just fucking overslept because I didn’t hear my stupid alarm clock go off.

I’m not in a great mood today. I need to take my allergy medicine and my nose is running. Luckily there are tissues. Amanda is home but chances are I won’t get to see her today. She said she needs to play it by ear. I talked to her three times last night but she sounded frazzled the first time because they were getting ready to leave. This is when I was in the car with Bucci and Kaidon getting ready to go to Stump’s. Then she called when Bucci and I were at Alyssa’s later that night and she was back home but she seemed weird. I think it’s because she knew I was out but I asked if seeing her last night was better for her. She just said no so I said I’d call her back after I got home, which I did, but she was alraedy sleeping and I woke her up. It was a quick goodnight before she went back to bed (around 10 btw so it’s not like I was calling at 2am). I just have missed her so so much and I just want to see her so so badly.

Parties went well. I am honestly very glad that I forced myself to be sociable. Alyssa on the other hand is just sort of fucked up and I don’t know what her deal is. She didn’t even talk to me last night and almost ignored me to some point. I’d like to be her friend, I can be a very good sort of friend. At her house I gave her a hug goodbye and sent her a text message later thanking her for inviitng me to her potluck thing. In said hug I sort of had a shoulder chin hitting moment but it’s because she’s so awkward and I’m a very devout hugger. I just don’t know with her, I just don’t know. Bucci and I had a good time though and I’m glad shit with her and Kaidon is working out.

Now I just want my girlfriend to be home, preferably at my home, sleeping in my bed.


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