waiting for this life, this day seems like it’s taking me forever…

I'm in a chatty mood tonight I feel. I'm sitting at work and I've been very progressive/accomplished today. I got up this morning and decided not to play tennis on account of how much the sunshine was perfect for an extra few minutes of snoozing. I showered (which was so nice because the water pressure is great in the morning and there is no line around 8.30) and then just bummed around for a few hours waiting for my dad to pick me up.

I went home to get my car because now I have a permit from my boss Byron to park on campus which is fucking amazing even if I have to park in eastbumfuck on the opposite side of campus from my door. So I spent a few hours in the burbs at home and ran some errands (who else but me spends $55 at CVS??). I bought a new handbag from Target which was fun but proved to be more difficult than I thought since their selection was awful. I also bought my sister and myself matching Juicy sunglasses for $60 a pair. I have to confess that it was a belated Christmas present to myself since I found a check from Nana from Christmas that I hadn't cashed. I decided to splurge on Em too because she's sick and I miss her. Besides, I'm sure if I was home carting her around that I would have spent that in ice cream and movie tickets and crap anyways. Needless to say she was terribly excited and my glasses look great on me =D

On the more practical side, I had just boring items to pick up at CVS and I did some browsing for a few hours. Then Em made me some bracelets when I got home which are adorable. She crocheted them and they have beads. It's pretty hot, I won't lie.

I brought Amanda coffee at work on my way back into the city. She was very appreciative and I got to see the set. It's coming along really well and she and Cole did alot of work on it today. Apparently Cole might be getting a new job and might train Amanda this summer to take over her position. That would mean a lot of work but it would be a fantastic career move for her. She would get so much training and experience; it would be invaluable. The only downside would be me seeing even less of her than I do already. That might change over the next month since I'll have my car, but with her show going up next week I highly doubt it.

We had an interesting discussion tonight about our relationship. I was just remarking how this time last year we were doing rehearsals all week (it's our high-school's spring break). Then I was like, well actually, there was very little rehearsing for the two of us, we spent most of the time having sex just about anywhere you could possibly think of. It's true, we were very willing. At the same time, the sex these days is definitely better, but much less often. I feel like perhaps I'd give up the better sex for the more spontaneous stuff though. It just seemed really good in retrospect, like we should have taken advantage of all of it longer than we did. Eh, I'm seeing her tomorrow night so yay for planned sex! I feel like that takes all the fun out of it. But this summer, I already let her know, I'm totally down with continuous random sex wherever I can get it. My life needs some variety these days.

Related news I suppose but Luci is broken up with Diana I hear. I'm not sure what happened and I'm looking into it. I almost dropped by her house today but then remembered that she was at rehearsal (which sparked the whole preceding paragraph).

Other than that, it's just been a really good day for me. I got all the readings done that I needed to and I'm actually about a half chapter ahead in Bio. I got my Civ exam back and I got an 88.5 which is fantastic. I'm hoping to get an A on the final so I'm really going to keep studying hard. I copied over all the notes I missed yesterday afternoon in the sunshine after seminar, which also went fantastically well. Hopefully this weekend's lab report and Tempest presentation preparations go as well. I'm not sure if I want to go with the girls to Newport on Saturday. I don't think I'm going to because I have work to do, but if I don't go, I know I'm going to feel like I missed out.

Oh, and I got all that laundry done. 4x loads. I used all the washers and missed ANTM because I was sorting laundry. BUT I have clean jeans AND my favorite underwear is clean. It's a toss up really.


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