gospel according to lovers


And so she said unto the masses gathered
Great tidings, for amongst you stands a sinner
a hero
a saint and
a gardener.
From amongst you will come a great tragedy
and a great hope
For it is written that only through immeasurable suffering
will the truest heart prevail
and in the darkest hours of midnight
will you find the quietest peace.
From within your heart will grow a wild love.
It shall course through your veins
and bring you strength,
valor and a good appetite for the sin of the world.
The sinner shall fall,
succumb to desire and ridden with guilt.
The hero shall be emboldened with courage
but die before she is fulfilled.
The saint shall in her righteousness,
neglect divine potential and wither
And so it is that the gardener
shall tend them all as reality sets in
For they will never understand her care
and eventually will cause her death
In the end, only she will have loved.
The words of the Heart.


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