Pictures of you, pictures of me…

Officially 15 months today with Amanda. Actually, like officially at this hour even, which I’ve got to admit is pretty sick. She came to visit me today (and Tuesday actually as well) and well lets just say that I was for so glad my sheets were clean. I’ve missed her so much lately and we’ve been having some heart to hearts on the phone about how I would really like for her to set aside time for me to be a part of her life. We both can feel that we’re slipping away a bit and neither of us wants that. So we’re both really going to try and make an effort.

Now I’m going to squee about my days with Amanda. If you don’t want the fluffy, mildly explicit details, jump below the cut to my rant about Jess.

Tuesday night Amanda came and picked up and we went to the mall. Basically she followed me around for a few hours as I wander-shopped as I call it and bought next to nothing but spent a huge amount of money. We ended up getting dinner and heading back to ‘my place’ where we were going to watch a movie. There was no movie watching and basically we spent four hours in bed together. Some of it was napping (the first part at least) but whenever we get into bed together it always seems to escalate to more than that. Not that I am complaining, nope, not one little bit. I had been two weeks abstinent prior to this so I was really into the kissing that went further. But honestly, kissing her is probably the most fantastic thing in the entire world. Except being kissed by her.

Today she took me with her on her errand to Job Lot (which is sort of like a Savers I guess, or between a Savers and a WalMart. It’s a Rhode Island thing people) between working for an hour and going to my lab. Basically she bought me cookies and yogurt covered raisins (which I ate half of after our afternoon rendezvous).

I went to my lab this afternoon, and after being blown off by Jess who worked (again) with Virgina (see below), got out still early at around 3.30. Amanda had called about 15 minutes earlier and I called her back, only to find out that her afternoon class had been canceled and rather than going to the library as her professor had suggested, she was sitting in the parking lot behind my building hoping that I’d be done with lab earlier than 5.30. Of course I invited her up to my room.

Andrena and Luwam were there for a bit watching I love New York and Hell Date (which I absolutely hate). Eventually they left however and Amanda and I had quite the few hours to ourselves. It was probably the best sex we’ve ever had. We’re talking multi-orgasm on both sides and she definitely moaned my name which she has never done before. Let’s just say I was tremendously excited about that one. The absolute best way to spend our 15 month anniversary in my opinion. Granted, she did have to leave quite suddenly when we realized it was 6.30 and she was supposed to be picking up her Grandmother to go see Nana at the hospital at 6.15, but whatever right?

As an amusing side, in the 5 seconds it took her to put back on all of her clothes and bolt out the door, she neglected to bring her backpack with her. She didn’t realize this till a good two hours later when she’s at her house, in her trunk, looking for it and it’s on the floor next to my bed. So being the good girlfriend that I am, I brought it out to the street in my PJs and a coat in the pouring rain so that she could pull up to the curb, I could throw in the bag and she could drive away and make it back home in under 15 minutes. Who else would do that for her?

Alright so here goes. She’s really ticking me off right now. I’ve got a lot of shit going on with work (both at Starbucks and here at the Helpdesk where I now sit typing after having finished my chem homework which was super easy and went super fast) and trying to work things out with Amanda. I don’t have time for her childish needs right now. Chalk it up to be being a bitch if you’d like, but I like to be selfish sometimes. Tuesday night when she wanted me to listen to her presentation I didn’t want to hear it. It was probably (okay it for definitely was) mean of me not to return her phone calls when in bed with Amanda, but eh, I was busy. I didn’t want to deal and I had never said I’d even do that with her.

I was also upset with her because in our chem lab on Friday she had completely ditched me for Virgina, the class genius who has already taken this class and is retaking it to get an A+ so she can get into optometry school. Anyways, I wouldn’t have cared if she didn’t want to be my lab partner as usual, but she should have just said that, rather than being all ‘can you go up and ask about this problem we got back on our last joint lab report’ and while I’m up at the desk, sneaking off to be with another partner. Like whatever if you don’t want to work with me (don’t really see why not because we keep getting As and I know what I’m doing) but fuck, just have the balls to come right out and say you don’t want to work together. WTFuck?

Last night they all went out for Anna’s birthday while I took my Calc test, which I do think went really well because I’m sure I only got 2 wrong. This means I have at least a 75, which is a PASSING GRADE rather than the 39 failing grade of the first exam that I’ve yet to mention (and do not plan on mentioning) to my mother.

But anyways, they all went out to dinner while I was in my exam, which was completely fine with me. They were coming over @ 8 to watch ANTM & Gossip Girl (both of which were fantastic and my two guilty pleasures in the middle of the week aside from Amanda). They came over and afterwards Jess wanted to work on our chem lab report that was due today. Normally I would have sucked it up and worked on it with her, since we’re usually partners and do it together. Fuck no, not last night. I was tired, mildly crankish, missing Amanda and feeling whiny. So basically I told her no. Although I didn’t say it to her at the time, she should have asked Virgina.

Needless to say she’s upset with me. What else is new? I don’t have time to deal with this crap right now.

Roomie conflicts are on the decrease as I’ve finally discovered why Luwam doesn’t like me. Apparently she thought that shit was going on between me and Andrena sexually which is a big riot if you ask me. Anyways, she was completely green with jealousy and upset with me for cramping her anticipated sex con roommate setup. Big freaking whoop. She should have just said something to me and I would have been happy to get lost while she and Andrena messed around. We’re supposed to have a meeting with Kristen the Hall Director tomorrow afternoon before I again come to work but something tells me this won’t be discussed there.


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