Faster, stronger…

Ugh, so it looks like the only thing on the immediate horizon for me is a cold. My nose is all runny and shit and it’s drippy and gross and I’m feeling particularly whiney about it. Sarah from down the hall is going to help me with my evil calculus in about half an hour once she’s out of the shower so I’m killing time I guess.

I find out how my chem test went tomorrow morning. I spent like 4 hours trying to do all the problems I have to hand in for chapter 3 tomorrow. Let’s just say pCzech is so not high on my list of favorite people right now. In other scholastic news, took my first civ test today. I was the first one done but I only finished like 8 minutes early so I’m not going to worry too much about it. I was done with what I had to say so it’s out of my hands now. What’s done is done.

Still no word on the roommie sitch. God only knows what we’re going to do, but Andrena and I think that if Naomi, Sarah and Tracy can work it out, so can the three of us. Either that or come next semester she won’t be living with us anymore. She took my tweezers out of my makeup caddy and did not return them for days – without asking. I got them back and I’ve hidden them and I’m not a happy camper. That’s just gross man, I don’t know where she stuck those! If they weren’t my favorite tweezers I’d just throw them out and get a new pair. If she even brings up the topic of them I’m comfronting her about it. That and she still has my damn book, which I’m going to ask for back right now.

Okay, on her part, I’ll give her some credit, she did return it to me in perfect condition. I’m still pissed about the tweezers though. On an entirely unrelated matter, Amanda took Andrena and I to Walmart today. I got some spaghetti-Os so I’m thrilled – even though I can’t open them right now because I don’t have a can opener. I’m adding that to the list of items I need to remember to get. We bought a thing of water and some treats and deoderant. Basically it was an excuse to get off campus for a bit.

Luwam just turned on the radio and she’s writing an essay. I don’t get her. It’s infuriating – HEADPHONES?!?! I mean honestly, she’s the diva without any respect for the rest of us sometimes. I really wish she wasn’t rooming with us. I’d even be willing to get rid of the TV if that was what it came down to as a consequence. Because at this point folks, thats about all we’re keeping the bitch around here for.

Anyways, Amanda brought be home for dinner which was nice. Her sister and the two of us ate chinese in her bed and watched the latest episode of Brotherhood that was filmed at our school in April. It was fun, we were sort of in two scenes in the background. That and just getting to lie with her under the covers, even if her sister was there. I just really like being with her.

Alright, Sarah should be around soon and I want to check my email again. Much love.


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