Nothing terribly exciting to report. Luwam has some guy over and hes sort of nice so we’re chatting as 50 plays in the background on the TV. Kenny her other boo just came in and I feel mildly unghetto.

Right. Well other interesting things happening/that have happened these past few days. I’m basically failing my calc class so I need a tutor desperately. I wrote a 10 page paper for DWC which I’m so happy to be done with. Jillian, Leanne, and Taylor are running for student council. So is Kyle. *girly growl* Damn he’s hot. So is SeanieP. Yeah, it’s like that.

So Andrena and I got left saturday night in providence at the mall when we went back to get her ID which she ended up losing. They all caught the last bus back and we were stuck. I called Eloise, Kayla and Liz our RA to come and get us but no one could. I ended up calling my mom and she came around 2.30 but it killed me. At least she came though, no questions, no nothing. I was really relieved and I can’t believe they did that to us. I’m just disappointed in them all I guess. But now I know I can’t expect them to be there for me, you know?

Amanda’s nana is in the hospital again. She’s supposed to come over tonight because she really needs to just get away from everything for awhile but she’s not sure if she can anymore. I understand but I miss her so much and I wish I knew what to tell her. It’s so hard because no one that close to me has ever died and I honestly get all cliche because I have no way of really knowing how she feels. She’s so depressed lately and I want so badly to be there for her and to help her but how can I when she’s so far away from me?


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