What you feel is what you are…

Wow, so what, only takes me like a week to update. Sorry about that, it’s just been hecktick around here. We just finished watching Top Model and Gossip Girl after a retarded fire drill that means we missed the end and the beginning. Ugh. Other than that, Allie, Jess and Alyson came over for a bit to watch and we were gonna stay for Newport Harbor (which I’ve never seen) but it comes on later so they ended up going back to do some homework. Which reminds me I should finish my CHM that’s due tomorrow at 8.30.

So revelation of all revelations: Tom is gay. He told me last night when he came up to visit around 10.30. This was after Amanda had just left around 10.15. She had to be home but we’d gone out to Chili’s and shoe shopping. She stayed for about and hour and we got to have some ‘us’ time but it was inturrupted by roommates. God I wish my door locked from the inside.

But yeah anyways, we’re just sitting, hanging out and he’s eating my leftovers from Chili’s which are still sort of warm at this point. So he just sort of springs it on me. And I think I took it quite well. I was like well, since we’re totally being honest with eachother, we should all be on the same level when I tell you that my friend Amanda is actually my Girlfriend Amanda. His eyes like bugged out of his head and he’s like OMG NO WAY! He’s like, are you shitting me? Apparently I don’t come across as being gay. Which is ridiculous because who sterotypes about being heterosexual. I mean how many people walk down the street, stop and look at someone and think to themselves, wow, I bet he likes girls. The world is so fucked up.

But anyways, apparently I’m only the second person he’s come out to so I feel quite honored. I think I was the second or third person that Amanda came out to. I feel quite special. I’m also rather glad he can’t be into me because he’s into boys. It’s pretty sweet, I won’t lie. Now we can be girlfriends and I don’t have to worry about it. Only thing is that I’m assuming I’m not supposed to tell anyone but I sort of have to tell Andrena.

Nothing really great to convey other than that. I just finished a ridiculious 10 page essay on comparing Homer and the Exodus for my western civ class. We just slummed it tonight and now Andrena and Naomi and I are watching Step Up. This is while I’m doing my Chem homework. It’s college, this is how we roll.


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