Exciting news, I bought a pirate flag! Not like I can afford it (or the Manchester United one I bought for Kay) but I would rather bask under the pirate-ness of my plunder flag right now than play the kill joy. Phone bill is due in two days, $141 smackaroos and I’m dreading paying it. I should also hand in all the paperwork for work (which reminds me, I’m working tonight 10-12) so I can start getting paid. Always nice.

Anywho, not all that much to talk about. I’m going to study for that chemistry test tomorrow while I’m at work tonight, since last time when the VMAs were on, no one so much as even called so it’s not like we’re gonna be busy or anything. I actually have to work tomorrow from like 4-8 which sucks because I’m going to be tye-dying until 5 but they can manage without me for an hour I should think. But just in case I just sent out a majorly retarded email asking if someone can cover for me for an hour.

Dinner is at 7 so I’m sort of just bumming around until then. I did my reading for DWC this morning between classes so that was nice. I sat in a sunny spot on a ledge and just chilled for a bit. Sean brought me an apple. It was quite lovely.

So basically right now I’m chowing down on some pringles wondering what to do with myself. I have had this stomache for a few days now and I’m beginning to think it’s the food in the dining hall downstairs. It totally sucks and I think it might even be making me sick. Blegh.


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