Hello it's me, I'm not at home…

Wow, look at this folks, two days in a row. I'm terribly impressed if I do say so myself. I do admittedly miss Lauren on here. I know she's busy with school but it's a drag, and sort of a let down not to see her entries. So Lauren, if you read this, I hope everything is going great for you and happy anniv. on saturday if I don't get to talk to you!!!

Other than that, not all that much to report for today. Doing some major roommate bonding with Andrena. She's too funny and I love how we get along so well. I helped her pick out her hair earlier and she shared some of her fried chicken. Damn it was good. And I got the fortune cookie – which I stuck on my corkboard. Speaking of decoration, I got to hang up my posters again that fell.

It was a fantastic day outside today. The perfect fall weather made it fantabulous to study outside. Jess and I did for a few hours before and after our seminar on Homer at 2.30. I'm getting to talk to Amanda. Erin called me during the involvement fair and we got to chat for a few minutes. Apparently she's got a boy now and everything. It was nice to talk to her because I miss her and Kayla terribly. It's nice to make new friends, but I love my old ones too.

Involvement fair today. I joined the gay straight alliance and the group that gives campus tours. It should be an exiciting year. I wanted to play co-ed intramural tennis too but I don't have a partner so it's not going to work out I don't think. Yep, that's about all for now. So boring is my life. Alas, I got to sleep in this morning, it was quite nice.


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