Can you handle this?

So, met my roommate Andrena yesterday for the first time. Funny story actually. I left my door unlocked when I went to go take a shower. So I’m in my towel, dripping wet, walking the ten steps it takes to get to the bathroom from my dormroom and I get into the hall and my door is open. I stand there dumbfounded like an idiot with my mouth open and my dirty ass clothes just clutched in my hand as the big ass black woman comes out of my room talking to someone behind her about how messy the room is and how it’s disgusting and shit. Then this little old fat black woman comes out of the room and seems to suddenly notice me.

She’s like, is this your room? I just sort of sputtered a response and nodded, adding that I hadn’t been expecting Andrena until Sunday. The biggest one, who I’m thinking was her aunt or mother, says something about getting special clearance to move in early. I’m so bad that I can’t help but make a snarky mind retort that it must have been because she wouldn’t have fit during the regular move in day, but I’m so glad I didn’t say anything.

I ask them if they’d all mind (when I say all I mean the extended family is standing in my room on my furry hot pink rug looking, glaring even if you will, at my dirty underwear on the floor and the bra hanging from the doorknob) if I just went in to get ready. So they all step out of the room and into the hallway along with all of Andrena’s stuff. Again I reiterate something about not expecting her and apologize for the mess for the umteenth time as I quickly locked the door behind me. I got dressed and stuffed all my shit into the closet faster than I ever thought was humanly possible.

Honestly, I was so shell shocked. That was not the way I envisioned meeting my roommates, both of whom happen to be women of color. I’m not racist, I’m not prejudiced, I think it’s just going to be an interesting year. I’m going to be the token white girl if you will. It should get interesting from here on. I’m thinking right now might not be the best time to fly my biseuality flag (which I don’t have, but dude, that’d be awesome).

Luwam is moving in today with the TV and another tiny fridge. Andrena I guess is coming back tomorrow from the impression that I get. More on all this as it progresses.


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