Run It

So, here’s the first entry on the new computer, in the new dorm room with the new life. New life is sort of an oxymoron if you think about it though; since I’m still the same person I just happen to be living in a new place. Providence is great, the people here are great and I’ve been having a really enjoyable time.

I’m not even going to recap all the shit that happened before I left. It’s been nearly a month since I’ve even written in here and I can’t bring myself to A. dredge up B. remember all the things that have happened since then.

Amanda just left – she and Ash came to visit me for a little bit because I didn’t go to the volunteer site today since I have a cold. My nose is running like a faucet and I had a raw sore throat. I had a fever earlier today I think since I woke up ridiculously hot but I’m not entirely sure. Either way, I called Kate my leader this morning at quarter past seven and told her in a raspy voice that made me sound closer to a telemarketer, that I wasn’t feeling well. She told me not to worry about it and that I could stay here for the day. I talked to Mike, my other leader, tonight and he said that I didn’t need to come to dinner if I wasn’t feeling up to it. We’re supposed to have the Olympics tonight but I’m not sure if I’m up to doing that. Amanda and Ash brought me a milkshake and french-fries for dinner, which was really sweet of her. I know she’s annoyed with me right now for not being able to leave campus and not really being around but I can’t help that.

The girls that I’ve met in my dorm seem great. Kelly, Beth and Steph live downstairs. Taylor and Lianne live down the hall and Emma lives next door to me. I don’t know anything about my roommates right now but I’m sure we’ll get along. If not I guess we’ll just have to deal. Everyone else moves in on Sunday so I’ll know soon enough. Monday is our trip to Newport and classes start on Tuesday. I’m really excited to be here, classes not so much, but I figure it’s a fair price to pay for freedom away from my family.

We had our celebrity dance last night and we all dressed up. Kate and Mike went as Posh and Beckam. Emma and Taylor were two of Charlie’s Angels. Steph went as Mary Kate Olsen, Beth was Janice Joplin, Kelly was Kelly Clarkson, Anna was Kermit, Ali went as K.Fed and I braided her hair. We all got ready in Kelly’s room and even though I left my makeup down there by accident I’m glad I got ready with the girls. This is what being a teenager is supposed to be, that’s what I was missing out on. So we’re the girls from Ray, and Everybody Loves Raymond. This year is going to be awesome – I’m sure of it.

I met my RA who lives next door last night. Her name is Liz and she gladly lent me a mug and let me use her microwave to make tea to soothe my throat. She seems like she’s pretty cool. She’s a sophomore so maybe she’s going to be a little more lenient. We’ll just have to see about her.

Alright, time to see about those Olympics. I might just go to show team support. I’m going to call Kate and see.


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