You know you did it…

So I felt sick at work today and Steve let me go home and hour early. Which was very nice of him, although I’ll lose an hour’s worth of pay. Which sort of sucks but I wasn’t feeling so hot after the drive thru window and being hot then cold then hot then cold.

I miss Amanda. She’s writing a paper right now. I want to just sit and put my arms around her while she does. Not that it would lead to much paper writing in the long run, but I’m feeling emotionally/physically needy right now – I just don’t want to be alone.

Last night sucked – there were no plans to be made. So I ate ice cream by myself and watched Sin City as Amanda wrote her paper, Kay went to the movies, Sarah was at camp and Erin was at work.

Alright, I’m going to bitch for a mintue here if that’s okay. I love Sarah to death but I’m just pissed off about our Maine trip this year. First of all it’s on August 15-17, which is my 1 year with Amanda. Secondly, she’s bringing the boyfriend. I mean I understand that it’s the last time she’s going to see him before they go off to college i.e. the last time she’s going to get to sleep with him before then, but Maine was for just us girls. It’s going to be so awkward with the two of them heaving all over eachother every second we’re there. And I probably sound like a brat but come’on, shes’s ruining it for the rest of us that don’t care to watch.

Saturday Amanda is going to the BRU concert; she’s got VIP tickets that she and her sister won. She invited me to go with her but seeing as how the families are evil and she’s getting dropped off, it doesn’t look like I’m going to get to go with her. I’m so bummed because our parents just ruin everything. More than anything I’m jealous of Jen and Kristen getting to go swimming over her house first then getting to spend time with her. I wish I could just be with her more often.

So I don’t know what I’m gonna do about Maine. Maybe I won’t go. Kayla and I could just hang out I guess, because she’s not going to be happy when I tell her that Andrew is going. Way to go Sarah, way to go ruin it for the rest of us. Either that or I think Amanda is going to Ptown with Doodlez that weekend. I could always tag along and take her up on the invite. Decisions, decisions…


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