her thumb is gentle on my cheek
my forefinger grazes the corner of her lips
she draws me to her in the rain
her lips are soft and moist
slightly firm and luscious as they meet my own
the caress of her hand on my face evokes a low moan in the back of my throat
we struggle to stay balanced as her arms find my waist and we dance a silent waltz our bodies pulsing passion as rain pelts the pavement
slowly her hair has become damp and tangled in my right fist, my left massaging the crevice where her spine meets her pelvis
we’re pushed against a wall in the searing rain
quivering with reserve because neither of us will give in first
but I want to give in and her body shudders rhythmically as we both surrender
lights crash around us and reality splinters
the shards twinkle in the starlight, reflecting the stadium lights before everything goes white
before everything is silent and completely still
a single heartbeat and the color red returns
another, orange, another yellow
the world spills in around us as our hearts beat steadily again
now the rainfall is light
steam rises as it coats our warm bodies
we breath together in silence, our bodies empty of ‘I love you’s
and filled with being loved


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