and it was you and me and the rain
and just for that moment we were weightless
i was crying as the rain ran down my face
mixing with my tears and making salty rivers that you wiped away with your kisses
– can i ask you a question?
are you happy?
maybe i’m not perfect and
maybe i have this tendency to fuck up our relationship all the time
this one’s all you baby
this is all your,
but we’re star crossed lovers destined to be thrown apart
and your,
well am i juliet or are you?
i replied that i had little intention of committing suicide
and thus i became fair juliet
and you forever my doomed romeo
to pierce your breast at the perceived moment of my treachery
because wasn’t that the way you planned it?
the way you always wanted it to be?
you said you’d be the first to die because life wasn’t worth it without me
oh shit, i’m rhyming
– can i ask you a question?
are you happy?
i feel like i’ve given into everything she wanted, everything she pleaded me for without words
and i’ve fought it the whole way down
there you are just throwing in the towel
so i can’t help but wonder,
really excuse me if i’m wrong,
i can’t help but wonder if you’re set to prove her right,
set to be my greatest downfall just because four hypocrites can’t keep their noses out of our business
i never asked you to lie for me as we snuck around
it wasn’t anything i wouldn’t do for you but i’d never ask you just the same
just like
i never looked you in the eyes and lied to you,
except you did that part
oh shit, i said that last bit out loud
– can i ask you a question?
are you happy?
right now, right at this instant
are you happy?
at this instant
where somewhere deep inside my heart is hollow and my words are falling on your deaf ears
and you’ve got me wondering if things turned out the way you planned,
if a whole planet is enough space between us,
if a month was enough time to decide
what you asked a week to tell you instead
is this worth it?
and fuck you i miss you
and i hate you and i love you
go figure,
maybe you really were a Capulet.


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