Please make ths stop…

3:12am July 24th
just please tell me what you want from me
because this is killing me

3:18pm July 24th
the honest answer is going to say that i cant take this anymore.
my parents have completly disowned me because your mom called and talked alot of shit about me. i honestly cant take the pain and frustration that not only i am recieving but that my mom is taking. last night she wrote me a note that not only killed her it killed me. basically it said that i know everything and feel nothing, that i can live in the house but not to expect support or love from them.
if being with you means i loose everything and everyone else i need to think about my priorities and think about what i really want. im not blaming you or making you out to be the bad guy, i just need alot of time right now. until i do sort everything out i cant see you or talk to you or anything. im sorry. i love you, but i just cant do this at the moment. and its shitty that im doing this via facebook, but really this is the only way i can contact you. maybe someday when everyone calms the fuck down (aka your mom and dad and stops harassing my family, and my family decides to let me be me and be with you) then id love for it to work. like i said until then i cant be in contact with you. im sorry. i love you.

i swear i'm not going to cry because it's going to make my makeup run.


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