Walkin' on sunshine…..WOOOAAAHHHH!

Mmm, so today felt like one of those days that only happens in a movie. I got up and went to see Mary around 11ish. She was nearly a half hour late so we ran a bit late (at least ten minutes because my meter was out and if I'd gotten a ticket I would have been pissed as all hell.

We talked about how Amanda and I were back together and what I was planning on doing about work and school and the family situation. I can't remember when she wrote my next appointment for but it's not for like a week and a half or two because she's going on vacation. Which is nice, I mean she deserves one and everything.

So Amanda called me while I was there and when I got out I returned the call etc. We met for lunch at the gay friendly Reflections on Fox Point. It was lovely, I've got to say. There was this woman who came in about 15 mintues after we did and she's standing in line to order a sandwhich (they do wraps and lattes and there is WiFi, it's like the planet, but Amanda says it's better because we can really hang out there). Anyway, this other professional looking woman comes in and the two take a few seconds to check the other one out and suddenly its this hug fest at the end of our table. Apparently from what I gathered from evesdropping and some PDA oogling, the two hadn't seen eachother in a bit and were quite possibly lovers at one time. Either that or older women tend to hook up real fast. 😀

Yeah but it was adorable. I helped Amanda finish her memoir for Writing 101 and edited her piece on her Nana and Grammy. I ate lunch while she watched and we had soy lattes and then cuddled for a bit till she had to go. She kissed me goodbye at the car and the two women came out and they kissed by the car a few feet away and it was just one of those moments.

I went to work at around 4 and I closed but I got ice cream at Sunshine and saw Erin on my half. All in all it was a good day ($62 in tips for a week wasn't bad either). I also deposited my checks and the check for the computer should go through today. Pay day Friday should be a blessing. Planning to go to open mike night tomorrow with Amanda at Reflections after tennins. Babysitting Joce and Haley tomorrow till 3ish. Should be a good day.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't wait for tomorrow. And all the rest of my tomorrows. The sun if finally shining again and I'mn ready to soak it up. I love smiling! But my feet hurt. And I'm so ready for bed. Mmmm more later.


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