A heart to heart —

[21:53] Me: summer treating you right?
[21:54] Eloise: nah
[21:54] Me: thats too bad
[21:54] Eloise: living at uri
[21:54] Eloise: started classes
[21:54] Me: well thats good
[21:54] Me: getting a head start
[21:54] Me: no time like the present
[21:54] Eloise: sucks living hre
[21:54] Me: cant suck worse than living at home
[21:55] Eloise: gotta go meet wiht counselor
[21:55] Me: oh


[22:26] Me: when i glanced at that quickly, i totally thought it said meeting them in shower
[22:27] Me: i was like um, ok, communical showers, saving water, go with it brie


[22:49] Eloise: it was
[22:50] Me: what was?
[22:50] Me: a communial shower?
[22:50] Eloise: yes
[22:50] Me: lovely
[22:50] Eloise: no
[22:50] Eloise: im just kidding
[22:50] Eloise: can we chill
[22:51] Me: i was going to say the things ihave to tlook forward to in dorm life
[22:51] Me: yeah we can chill. am i that tense?
[22:51] Eloise: why were you mad at me?
[22:51] Eloise: i dont/didnt like ammnda
[22:52] Me: i know that.
[22:52] Me: i was mad bc i thought u had said something to her that really upset her.
[22:52] Eloise: what
[22:52] Me: she still wouldnt tell me why she was so upset prom night. she cried in my car for half an hour. uncontrolably
[22:52] Eloise: about what
[22:53] Me: i dont knowshe never told me
[22:53] Eloise: what
[22:53] Eloise: how do you know it was me
[22:53] Me: i dont know it was you. i heard from someone she talked to that it had something to do with something youd said to her earlier. which i thought was totally retared but thats all ihave to go on. so i have no idea
[22:53] Me: im basically over it, like i dont care its past shes over whatever it was
[22:54] Me: and it very well might just have been her fucking family messing with her that night
[22:54] Me: idk
[22:54] Me: but really – i swear – i dont hate you or really even dislike you
[22:54] Eloise: i know what it fucking was
[22:54] Eloise: whatever
[22:54] Eloise: i hate her
[22:54] Eloise: seriously
[22:54] Me: ok? random?
[22:54] Eloise: im just letting you know
[22:54] Eloise: because of that
[22:55] Me: alright wtf is going on
[22:55] Eloise: nothing
[22:55] Me: someone wanna let me in on it?
[22:55] Eloise: shes just a liar
[22:55] Me: well what else is new
[22:55] Eloise: but
[22:55] Me: you want to not be the liar and tell me whats going on?
[22:55] Eloise: you knew that?
[22:55] Eloise: im not a liar
[22:55] Eloise: i didnt do anything wrong
[22:55] Eloise: she did
[22:55] Me: ok. thats whyh i was saying tell me?
[22:55] Eloise: you want to know what happened
[22:55] Eloise: ask her
[22:56] Me: shes obvi not gonna tell me
[22:56] Me: bc i have
[22:56] Eloise: she told people
[22:56] Eloise: i was all over her
[22:56] Eloise: n\and tried to get with her
[22:56] Me: recently or in the past
[22:56] Eloise: day of prom
[22:56] Me: ah. well she told everyone but me
[22:57] Me: *shrug* w.d
[22:57] Eloise: bc
[22:57] Me: **we
[22:57] Eloise: it was the other way around
[22:57] Eloise: but dont even bring it up to her
[22:57] Eloise: seriously its in the past
[22:57] Eloise: i dont talk to her
[22:57] Eloise: and dont plan on it
[22:58] Eloise: but yeah
[22:58] Eloise: you good?
[22:59] Me: eh, im fine. i knew something went down. im so over it. right now im so over relationships. i just want to go and get laid in all honesty. im like so fed up with sexual tension and shit and im overworked and i need a good night sleep like after a good fuck. i sound so crass but ugh. i cant take this. any of this anything in my life
[22:59] Me: but how are you?
[22:59] Eloise: i'd give you all of that
[22:59] Eloise: yheah
[23:00] Eloise: im bad
[23:00] Eloise: hate it here
[23:00] Eloise: because im the minority
[23:00] Eloise: but i just had ameeting with my counselor, she's white
[23:00] Me: mm true. but weigh the alternatives
[23:00] Eloise: and we talked for like 45 minutes
[23:00] Me: well thats good
[23:00] Me: si?
[23:00] Eloise: yeah
[23:01] Me: you gonna be straight with her?
[23:01] Eloise: yeah
[23:01] Eloise: i told her
[23:01] Eloise: exactly how i felt
[23:01] Eloise: she understood
[23:01] Me: im not juding, im just saying that shed be the one if there was anybody
[23:01] Eloise: but like.
[23:02] Eloise: i said i would
[23:02] Eloise: give you that
[23:02] Eloise: no response
[23:02] Eloise: like what
[23:02] Me: wait what?
[23:03] Eloise: L0VEyalikeW0AH: eh, im fine. i knew something went down. im so over it. right now im so over relationships. i just want to go and get laid in all honesty. im like so fed up with sexual tension and shit and im overworked and i need a good night sleep like after a good fuck. i sound so crass but ugh. i cant take this. any of this anything in my life

[23:03] Eloise: L0VEyalikeW0AH: but how are you?
rascaa99: i'd give you all of that
rascaa99: yheah
[23:03] Me: oo that
[23:03] Eloise: yes
[23:03] Eloise: dop you midn if i take a quick
[23:03] Eloise: shower
[23:03] Eloise: ill be right back
[23:03] Eloise: like 10 minute
[23:03] Eloise: s
[23:04] Me: mk shower, get clean do ur thing
[23:04] Me: ive got nothing better to do than sit here anyways
[23:04] Me: except mayb go to bed
[23:04] Eloise: maybe you can respond to what i just said
[23:04] Eloise: yeah
[23:04] Eloise: no
[23:04] Eloise: you have to wait
[23:04] Me: ok ill wait
[23:04] Me: and attempt to formulate a response
[23:04] Me: bc right now i dont have oine
[23:05] Eloise: well do it up i expect one on my return
[23:05] Eloise: yeah
[23:09] Me: well i guess i'm — flattered? er not the right word. i dont have a word for it.. i appreciate you would come to me in my time of need? that you;d be offering up ur services? this is so awkward. its like open mouth insert other foot. what do you say to something like that? it wouldnt be an ok thing tho on a few levels. i mean for one u have elyse. and whatever she is to u isnt really any of my business and i dont think id get in teh way of that bc thast so presumptious, btu id never even want to chance that on you. yeah im babbling like the hooker talking to the CEO about not wanting to cause marital problems. shut up brie. um, i guess in a nut shell promicuious sex, while highly appealing, esp in my current state for ahost of reasons, really just isn't my thing. id feel immoral.
[23:15] Eloise: then why'd you say it
[23:16] Me: bc there is a part of me that realy really is ah, desperate
[23:17] Me: when it comes to sex, i am 75%b talk. i dont have the guts lol
[23:18] Eloise: amanda
[23:18] Me: what about amanda
[23:18] Eloise: how are you desperate with her
[23:19] Me: i dont have amanda. sometimes iwonder if ive ever had amanda. i mean i know i did in some way, in her own way. but shes just, i cant ecplain it. i cant ever make her happy. there is always something more she needs from me. and i give her everything. so i cant figure out what it is she still wants
[23:20] Eloise: not worth it
[23:20] Eloise: [from my experience]
[23:20] Eloise: but do you
[23:20] Eloise: yeah
[23:20] Me: but do i what?
[23:21] Eloise: like do what you think is best
[23:21] Eloise: but from my experiences
[23:21] Eloise: not worth it
[23:22] Me: i love her. a lot more than she probably understands or deserves. but i do just the same. and shes never been able to fuck that up, no matter how long ive known her, so its not going away.
[23:22] Eloise: yeah
[23:22] Eloise: that's true
[23:22] Me: lol which part?
[23:23] Eloise: its not gonig away
[23:26] Me: i dont really know what to say
[23:27] Eloise: eloise, i still want you.


….still talking to her


[23:27] Me: is that what you want me to say?
[23:28] Eloise: truth
[23:29] Me: true you want me to say that? you want that to be the truth? you want me to tell you the truth?
[23:30] Eloise: all three girl
[23:30] Me: i already told you im no conquest
[23:30] Me: not for anybody
[23:31] Eloise: dont get it
[23:31] Eloise: check my new facebook photo
[23:31] Eloise: f9h8ueirjk
[23:31] Eloise: you never comment anything of mine anymore
[23:31] Eloise: i get so sad
[23:32] Me: god girl you are so random. geez. and i dont really stalk u as much as i used to admittedly so i dont see as much of ur stuffanymore
[23:32] Eloise: why not
[23:32] Me: oh i like that picture
[23:32] Me: bc im turning over a new leaf in my life? in which i do not obsess about things
[23:32] Eloise: not even me
[23:33] Me: not even you pookie
[23:33] Eloise: my hair was short
[23:33] Eloise: and red
[23:33] Eloise: i miss it
[23:33] Me: yes it was
[23:33] Eloise: so much
[23:33] Me: it was cute
[23:33] Me: cut it again if u miss it that much
[23:33] Me: hair grows
[23:34] Eloise: only my sister cuts it
[23:34] Eloise: i have this fear of anyone else
[23:34] Me: oh thats right, u told me that she cuts it for u
[23:34] Eloise: but i dont see her
[23:34] Eloise: anymor
[23:34] Eloise: e
[23:35] Me: ooo
[23:36] Eloise: yeah
[23:36] Eloise: i cant believe you dont stalk me
[23:36] Eloise: anymore
[23:36] Eloise: that huirts my feelings
[23:36] Me: ahahahaahah
[23:36] Me: oh you kill me. shesnot offended, she likes it
[23:36] Me: yeah ill see what i can do, k?
[23:36] Eloise: yay
[23:37] Me: but if someone knocks on ur windows, that aint me
[23:37] Me: im a privacy of my own home sort of stalker
[23:37] Eloise: iwish
[23:37] Eloise: stalk me for real
[23:38] Me: eloise hodge silverman you do not really wish taht i was the person knocking on ur windows. thats either a lie or a stretch of u likeing the idea of someone wanting to knock on ur windows. please, im so the last person ud want to see at like 3am
[23:39] Eloise: nahhh
[23:39] Me: see i knew it
[23:39] Me: lol
[23:39] Eloise: so look at my facebook
[23:39] Eloise: because i look at yours
[23:39] Eloise: obvi
[23:41] Me: it doesnt want to load. and its not like i dont look at urs everyone once and awhile. im just off my six or seven times a day kick
[23:42] Eloise: dAMMNN
[23:43] Eloise: i wish id known
[23:43] Me: um kidding?
[23:43] Eloise: you were into me
[23:43] Eloise: you were kidding
[23:43] Me: i was kidding about the 6/7 times thing
[23:43] Me: only that part
[23:44] Eloise: ha alright
[23:44] Eloise: should have told me
[23:46] Me: eloise i want ur sexy body = not my style
[23:49] Eloise: eloise, i want you
[23:49] Eloise: a lot
[23:49] Eloise: a lot a lot
[23:50] Me: thats an awful lot of alots u got there girlie
[23:50] Eloise: its the truth
[23:50] Eloise: no/
[23:50] Eloise: ?
[23:50] Me: for who
[23:50] Me: me or u
[23:50] Eloise: ayyyy
[23:50] Eloise: nevermind
[23:50] Eloise: i gottsa sleep
[23:50] Eloise: got class at 8am
[23:51] Me: alright im sorry
[23:51] Me: im badgering you
[23:51] Eloise: no
[23:51] Me: im shy, i never would have told u i wanted you
[23:51] Eloise: its not you really
[23:51] Me: never in a million years
[23:51] Eloise: i just hate my roomate
[23:51] Me: oh
[23:51] Eloise: you told amanda
[23:51] Me: yes there is that part about college
[23:51] Me: tell her what?
[23:52] Eloise: you wanted her
[23:52] Me: took me 6 months of agony to get to that point
[23:52] Me: and there was more to it than that
[23:54] Eloise: yeah
[23:54] Eloise: i guess
[23:55] Eloise: okay eell hve a goodnight
[23:55] Eloise: sweet dreaMS
[23:55] Eloise: talk to you tomororw love


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