I remember when rock was young…

So, what's this, ten days later? Took me long enough to update I suppose but then that's life. Summer mode has already kicked in, I have no idea what day it is. I think it's Thursday. I also think I just realized I had an appointment with Mary at 3.30 today. That would have been a half hour ago. Um, oops?

Ahem, well, aside from that, I spent the night at Amanda's last night. It was a good time. We watched a movie, Saving Face I think it was called, and cuddled and stuff. I had a really good time, aside from the whole leaving the door open thing and her parents in the next room. Not like that really stopped anything but being noise about it. Ahem. Right. Anyways.

Graduation was fantastic. Prom was perfect. Aside from being mildly pissed off with my mother for being – my mother – there isn't all that much going on for me now. Sold back books today at school. Between the ones they would take, the $500 I spent at the beginning of the year, donating the ratty ass ones, all in all I came out of it with $152 for 8 books. Which I then proceeded to spend most of (about half actually) by taking Em out to TJMaxx to shop for a few hours. We had a good time trying stuff on in the dressing room I've got to say. She's a good sport. She had a sleep over last night and apparently didn't ever go to sleep. She's now napping on the couch in the other room.

So tomorrow is 10 months with Amanda. I can't believe a year ago almost I started writing here again. Faithfully would be a word I'd use but it would tend to be strained these past few months. I've been, sporadic at best I guess.

We went out for Chinese Tuesday night to celebrate being done with high school. It would have marked a year that we had gone out to this shitty place down the street from school last year at the end of exams, at which point I was just beginning the flirty/attempted sexy/I want you/let's go make out in your backseat phase. Nevertheless, this dinner was ten times better than that lunch. It was cool, we sat around a table with these two other families and the guy cooked our meal right in front of us. Hibachi I think it's called? I have no idea, but I'm so taking her back there again because the food was great, the company was, and it wasn't too bad pricewise. Ugh, I'm so cheap sometimes 😀

Mmmm, yes, that's about all I have to say. I need to go find some coverup for what is being dubbed a 'paintball accident/fight' that occured on my neck, and slightly below my collar bone. On the bright side, I got her on the back of the neck, and she doesn't know about it 😛 All is fair in love and war I guess.


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