Ain't no sunshine when she's gone…

So I'm feeling better today. I hate some of the shit still going on in my life, and I wish my friends would just lighten up and enjoy our last two weeks together and put shit aside for now, but you can't always have what you want.

Friday I went over to Amanda's after her parents went out. Told my mom I was going out to dinner with Sarah after she got out of work. We cuddled on her bed and watched Loving Annabelle. Which was cute, I must admit, although the end was rushed and the ending sucked. Whatever though. I had a really nice time at her house before she had to frantically kick me out. I really didn't mind thought because I'd have been the same way.

Saturday I went to tennis for the first time in like a month. Jeff was totally hitting on me and proceeded to check me out in his rear view mirror as he passed me on my way home. He's such a sketchy dude for seriously. Not that I'm not flattered, don't get me wrong, but whatever.

I went to Robin to get the second laser treatment after that at like 1ish. It wasn't too bad and I was done before 4 but it's not a fun thing at all. Blegh in all honesty. Then it was off to meet Amanda, Maura and Mike at Cresent to work on Hammie. We filmed for like an hour with Amanda as Hamlet and me as Ophelia on a date which was hysterical and I'm gonna get so much crap from my class for it but whatever.

So then Maura and Mike leave (after Mike takes Max the Benz for a quick spin around the parking lot) and leave Amanda and I to our own devices. We were supposed to be at Mikayla's for 6.30 to keep filming. We were there around quarter to 8 but it's not like there wasn't a good reason. Ahem. Right.

So we filmed the deaths at the end and some opening scenes with Gertrude and Claudius and Hamlet. There was mad extroverting going on and I was basically uncomfortable at least mildly so for the whole night. All in all it was a lot of fun though. And we got a lot of work done on the project.

Sunday I didn't get out of bed till like noon. I was just blegh. Went to work and it was great but I was just not into life at all. Came home and couldn't sleep. Didn't get to bed till around 4, didn't go to school. Got up around 2 went to work. I came home and was productive last night but my heart wasn't really in any of it to be honest.

Today started out basically the same. I saw Amanda first period though and we watched RENT and it just sort of brightened my day. I mean my friends suck for pulling crap with me at the end of senior year like this but I guess it's only natural. I just wish we could end things on a positive note because there are so many good memories behind us.

At work tonight I also had a great time. This Barista I work with named Alan is completely my favorite. He's so gay and I feel bad for his girlfriend but I love him to death. We talked about top musicals (his no.1 is Cabaret) and he sang On My Own from Les Mis. Also apparently he just went to the JT&Pink concert and the Cristina Aguliera one. Apparently Pink is a lousy performer (this discussion prompted after he was singing Pink).

So Hamlet is done. I have to finish the poppy painting. The internship breakfast is tomorrow so non-uniform, non-school day. Seeing Mary at 1 per usual. Oh, I didn't mention it, but I got a ticket last week for $15 for being over the meter 10 mintues. It's not like I won't pay it, I was over, but wtf. Everyone else was over and I was the only one with a ticket. Granted I drive a Mercedes but it's old and I know can't park but the guy in front of me was a Benz too. Grrrr.


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