Insert smthing creative here since sme f my keys dnt wrk

S t makes fr quite the interestng entry when ny abut haf my keys want t wrk on this retarded keybard; that and apparenty i have t use semicns fr perids since that key chses nt to wrk; that and they ny wrk sometimes. fr instance ike nw; hnest t fucking gd; anyways, i'm nt ging to wrry all that much abut it. eventually we'll be back to nrmal. in case yu cudn't tell, shift desnt wrk either.

today was ess eventful that i wuld have iked but it could have been worse. i hardy got to see amanda which sucks, but aside frm that classes weren't that bad. it was humid and sticky and rainy here but it was warm. oh boy was it warm in that damn building. I swear it was awful. Apparently these keys decide to work as I go. Whatever. That and every time I hit the shift key the computer decides to beep. Like what the hell?

Copied down some poetry from the past few weeks. It was hard to look at some of it again because for about 5 days in there Amanda and I were broken up after she took out a lot of her personal shit on me. I have basically forgiven her for most of it, but it's really hard because she hurt me alot. She basically posted it on her facebook that we had broken up the day before she even talked to me about it. Everyone knew she was single before even I did. I still dont understand why she chose to hurt me like that.

Tomorrow we have to work on our Hamlet film project. I am Ophelia and am currently deciding how I want to commit suicide. Amanda is leaning toward the Sylvia Plath method and suggesting the oven. Amanda is directing in case you were wondering and she's going all out for this project. Apparently she spent two hours working on the opening credits last night. I'm sure she's going to do a great job though, and I'm proud at least that she's getting into it like this. Its good for her.

Training tomorrow for starbucks at the training center. Some class for like 5 hours on a saturday – crazy as all hell but it should be nice to meet some other new faces. The job seems like it's going to be a perfect fit and the other partners are fantastic to work with so far. I only worked my first shift last night but I already have a great feeling about it.


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