Everything she does is beautiful,


I did it. Both its actually. Brie got laid. o.O

[23:14] Me: sucks u guys lost. next time
[23:14] Miss E: ughhhg
[23:14] Miss E: whatever
[23:15] Me: yeah
[23:18] Miss E: yeah
[23:18] Me: other than that, u have a good day?
[23:19] Miss E: tired
[23:20] Me: yeah those skates looked like they each weighed a ton to even walk at the end
[23:20] Miss E: hah
[23:20] Miss E: ugh so frusterating
[23:21] Me: yeah
[23:28] Miss E: it;s cold
[23:28] Me: fuck yes
[23:29] Miss E: im gonig snowboarding tomorrow
[23:30] Me: cool
[23:31] Miss E: you board/
[23:31] Me: i went cross country skiing once. that was about my only experience
[23:31] Miss E: hahh
[23:31] Miss E: comeeee
[23:33] Me: i would make a complete fool of myself you kno
[23:33] Miss E: soooo
[23:35] Me: actually i wish i could say yes, altho every ounce of my pride says id look like an idiot, but i have to 'practice driving' with my father tomorrow and i have a shitload of hw to finish so i can be allowed to go to the game
[23:36] Miss E: oh
[23:36] Miss E: itll be boring game
[23:36] Me: mayb, but i want to go
[23:36] Miss E: oh
[23:36] Miss E: cherer for me
[23:39] Me: always do
[23:39] Miss E: reallayyy
[23:39] Miss E: my pants were falling down at lunch today
[23:40] Me: oh i dont think i noticed
[23:40] Miss E: oh
[23:42] Me: to be honest i wasnt really looking i dont think
[23:42] Miss E: why
[23:42] Miss E: dont you like me
[23:42] Me: what i meant was i was not checking out ur ass to see if ur pants were falling down or not
[23:43] Miss E: oh
[23:43] Miss E: do you think im like cute/
[23:43] Miss E: or idk what you would call it
[23:43] Miss E: be honest
[23:43] Me: do i find you attractive? yes
[23:43] Miss E: there ya go
[23:43] Miss E: oh ok
[23:44] Me: besides for the record checking out somebodys ass isnt really my style anyways
[23:44] Miss E: me either
[23:45] Me: really? now u sort of stuck me as a 'wow s/hes got a cute butt' sort of girl. go figure
[23:46] Miss E: no wayyyy
[23:46] Me: im kidding
[23:46] Miss E: oh
[23:46] Miss E: heheuhjk
[23:46] Me: ill be sure to take note. not interested in butts
[23:47] Miss E: heh
[23:48] Miss E: i likeee
[23:48] Miss E: personalitly
[23:48] Miss E: yeashh
[23:48] Miss E: and not ignorant
[23:48] Me: personality and being able to hold a conversation is always important
[23:48] Miss E: i cant talk to you
[23:48] Miss E: you'rer too smart
[23:48] Miss E: for me to hold a conversation with
[23:49] Me: i talked to u at lunch didnt i?
[23:49] Miss E: babrreeely
[23:49] Me: true
[23:49] Miss E: you seem really sad
[23:49] Miss E: at school
[23:49] Me: but really, i like to come off sounding smart. its a good cover
[23:50] Me: sad? kinda. preoccupied with a lot of stuff usually. but yeah, sad sometimes. or angry i guess
[23:50] Miss E: uyeha
[23:51] Miss E: i hate people there
[23:51] Miss E: thatd why i dont go to class
[23:51] Me: yeah a lot of them just need to fuck off
[23:51] Miss E: true true
[23:54] Me: well see, we had like a 20 mintue sort of conversation going there
[23:54] Me: progress, progress
[23:54] Miss E: yes yes
[23:54] Miss E: getx into college
[23:54] Miss E: yo fcuckt hat i dont wanna talka bout it
[23:56] Me: college/
[23:57] Miss E: fuck college man
[23:57] Me: college is the way out. its the way out of this
[23:57] Me: thats abotu all i have to look forward to
[23:57] Miss E: yeah but like
[23:57] Miss E: fuck gettinginto college
[23:57] Miss E: i did so badly on my report card
[23:57] Me: mm too true on that end
[23:58] Me: well playing hockey should help right?
[23:58] Miss E: hopfully
[23:58] Miss E: idk though
[23:59] Me: i think it should. esp if u guys do well finals wise
[23:59] Miss E: ughhhghug
[23:59] Miss E: im cold
[00:00] Me: id offer u a blanket but itd be kind of hard to get it to u
[00:00] Me: and i dont really have one to offer either
[00:00] Miss E: come over here
[00:00] Me: but its the thought that counts
[00:00] Miss E: we can hook up
[00:00] Me: its late. or rather, early i guess
[00:01] Miss E: we can make out
[00:01] Miss E: in your car
[00:02] Me: ive been told my seats are uncomfortable
[00:03] Miss E: oh
[00:03] Miss E: well then you can comein
[00:04] Me: i dont know where you live
[00:04] Miss E: pvd
[00:05] Me: thats not exactly what i meant
[00:07] Miss E: oh
[00:07] Miss E: like i live at
[00:07] Miss E: 54 Whitmarsh St. Providence, RI 02907
[00:08] Me: im trying to come up with another good excuse
[00:09] Miss E: you dont like me
[00:09] Me: thats not what i said
[00:09] Miss E: then why/
[00:10] Me: i only play fair. im taken
[00:10] Miss E: by amanda?
[00:12] Me: yes
[00:14] Miss E: oh
[00:15] Me: no matter how i feel about you, i couldnt do that to her
[00:16] Miss E: why
[00:17] Me: bc she was my friend long before anything ever happened between her and me
[00:17] Miss E: h
[00:17] Miss E: ohhh
[00:18] Me: and even if the two of us dont work out i want us to remain friends. bc we;ve always been there for eachother
[00:18] Miss E: yeah
[00:19] Me: so even if i like you there is nothing im going to do about it for as long as amanda and i are together
[00:19] Miss E: i see
[00:22] Me: yeah
[00:22] Miss E: im cold i need to go shower
[00:22] Miss E: smoke ansd bed
[00:23] Me: alright. ill talk to u later then or something
[00:23] Miss E: goodnight
[00:23] Miss E: love
[00:23] Me: night
[00:23] Miss E: thnaksf ro coming
[00:23] Me: you're welcome
[00:23] Me: i had a good time
[00:23] Miss E: i didnt
[00:23] Miss E: haha
[00:23] Me: well it was an exciting game for what its worth
[00:23] Miss E: yeah thanks.
[00:24] Me: gnite

I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. My gut isn't ready to explode anymore. I'm not guilty! So now I get to face all the mild awkwardness with her, now that we've, well, yeah. Oh Jesus, here I go blushing again. A whole day and I'm still like OMGWTFYAY. Go figure.

And Donald thinks it's hot.

[00:24] Don: ……like, full out-ness?
[00:24] Me: mmhmm
[00:25] Don: as a guy, im obligated to be turned on
[00:25] Me: it was pretty hot. i wont lie
[00:25] Me: lmao
[00:25] Don: im cringing with “OMG-ness”

He kills me.


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