Dear Mom,

It’s Me. I just wanted to let you know that I’m not coming home tonight. I’m staying at a friend’s house. Please don’t worry about me, please don’t call me, please don’t try to find me.
I need time away from you to sort things out. I need time away from your rules and your opinion to decide what I think is right. I need time to make my own mistakes and time to live my own life.
I never asked you to understand. I never even asked you to accept. All I want for you is to stop judging me, stop forcing me into this daughter I don’t want to be.
I love her and I don’t want to tell you again that I don’t. Don’t make me keep lying to you, stop asking me to. Stop asking me to be someone I’m not. Just stop.
Sometimes I wish you loved me a little less tightly.
You have to let me go.
I love you, even if I don’t right this second.
Because I never want to say goodbye without you knowing.
But I love her too.
– Me


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