Forever its you, forever in me, ever the same

Oh Crystal Ball was splendid, fantastic, magical, simply exquisitely perfecto. I will post some pictures of me and Amanda later when I upload them onto the main computer but Em is out there doing homework right now.

Things didn't go off without a hitch but all in all it was a fabulous night. Kayla and Court were keeping me in the middle of a fight and it did come to a head when we were trying to take a group picture and Kayla didn't want dates and Court was like well if Mike and Nick can't be in it then I don't want to be either. Turned out Chels and Sherb and Court and the boys weren't in the photo. Fuck them for putting me in the middle to decide though, completely unfair.

Amanda was trying to make me feel better throughout the beginning of the night. She's all, babes, breathe. I'm really lucky to have her. We had a great time dancing although I know I surprised her when I did actually dance with her. I'm so conservatice when it comes to PDAs but this time was just different.

Court won Queen and danced with Nick for her song. We gave her a standing ovation and I think it really made her night. It was really nice of Chels to let her, although I think Nick liked it but anyways. It was all over way too fast. Amanda and I did get a picture done together though so once those come in…:D But not showing that one to Mom.

Afterwards everone was supposed to meet up for cake and gabbing but Amanda and I got sidetracked in the parkinglot. The backseat of the Saturn is very nice I have to say, as are the comfty leather seats. While I never actually removed a piece of clothing, I think that's probably as far as we've ever gone. I'm not sure if I'm so comfortable doing that in the back of a car, but oh hell I wasn't about to protest. If anything I think we were both very much upset that my mother was coming in 15 so I ought to actually go into the building as to not look so suspicious. The only thing that would have ended the evening perfectly would have been to end up in her bed, but I guess I can't have everything.

We're going to see Wicked tonight, which I'm so excited about. But right now I just want to sit and reminisce in last night. I keep touching my hip where she kissed me and getting this ridiculous look on my face. Apparently she liked the underwear I had on 😛 What a wonderful evening.


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