Music by the fireside and joyful memories there…

Ack. Just one exam left. And I feel like I know none of the millions of psychology definitions I need to. But what the hell at this point. Once 9 rolls around, I have to get back to memorizing those flashcards.

Things have been going alright for me as of late. I need to submit my common app but the school should be sending out my transcripts and shit. God I really wish I had gotten into Brown. Oh so very much. Halies did, and I'm really happy for her, but damn part of me is jealous and thinks it's only because she goes to poshy, stuck up Windsor Academy. But then again, I've admitted I'm jealous so that might well just be the green monster rearing it's ugly hairy Grinch-like head. So much for Brown for Miss Brie.

Rockettes in Boston tomorrow night with the ladies and Erin. Should be a good time except the ride up with my mother and Robin in the car. Hopefully Em rides with her chicas, otherwise I'm going to just die I think. Bah, being melodramatic is fun.

Oh, and Amanda and I are officially not taking a break anylonger. It sort of had to be that way after Friday. It was either that or break up I think because we can't do in the middle. Or at least I can't do in the middle. I want her too badly. Really, my lack of self control is abomidably shameful at best. Gah. But she parked behind me today and that was stellar. It's so lame when even little things like that excite me since PDAs were never my thing and we can't in front of the children, or teachers, or parents, or people who might know parents, or — well you get the point. BUT I think she's going to sneak me out of Kayla's on New Years and we're going to go to the beach and look at the stars. I'm feeling all rebellious, it's great.

Alright, I'm three minutes over.


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