Santa came down the chimmney, half past three!

Mm, so Amanda and I did presents today. She had to come in to school to pick up her sister but she didn't have any exams today. She makes me smile so much. I'm thinking I'm going to be all high tech perhaps later this evening and update this entry with photos of said presents.

BUT she loved what I got her. And I got a kiss from it. Okay so a few kisses but her sister was around so it was a tad tough. And I LOVE what she got me. A Brown sweatshirt and tee (wrapped together), a book of middle eastern love poems with this beautiful bookmark inside, and this GORGEOUS necklace that I have on now. Gosh it's so pretty. I'm gushing but seriously. And she gave it to me in this adorable box that ties shut – I am notorious for my box complex but yays nonetheless.

Drove to school today. Both ways. Alone. This is huge for me. Talked to Chabot about college apps and not being accepted to Brown and where I'm headed to. All this after a sort of hard Statistics exam. And I've got Calculus and Christian Lifestyles tomorrow. Somehow I'm not all that worried though. I'm in this fantastically great mood. Which is in all honesty odd because until today I didn't really have all that much to be happy about.

Apparently my cousin is accusing my father's sister (her nanny of sorts) of sexually molesting her. And that whole side of the family is outraged. So we're torn down the middle, everyone choosing sides and no one really talking about it. It's all hush hush, but I for one would never believe she would do it. I love my cousin Jayden but her father and mother put her up to this, I'm sure of it. And how awful does that make me feel to feel like that, but I just do. Nonetheless though, I feel bad for everyone involved.

On an entirely different note, I talked to Eloise. I dunno about that girl anymore. The whole affair, god. It just, I don't get her at all. At all at all. I saw her on my way out of school today and she sort of waved. Apparently according to her afterwards I looked at her all weird, like I didn't want to say anything to her. It was more like I was watching her and then she suddenly looked at my car when I hadn't expected her to turn around. Meh I dunno. There was a plan. It's obviously not working out because she's not following/playing by the rules. She's supposed to say, yes Brie, I like you. And then I'm supposed to tell her I'm in a comitted relationship.

Then again, am I not playing by the rules?


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