Don't you ever get to thinkin' —

Let's recap, shall we?

[19:30] Me: im assuming the thank you was for the chanukah greetings?
[19:31] Miss E: yres
[19:31] Me: then the you're welcome is still in order
[19:32] Miss E: cool
[19:33] Me: yep
[19:34] Miss E: so
[19:34] Me: so
[19:34] Me: whats new?
[19:37] Miss E: othnih
[19:37] Miss E: i fucked my knee up at my game today
[19:37] Me: i thought you werent playing until after the holidays
[19:37] Miss E: it's for my other team
[19:37] Me: not that that makes getting hurt suck any less
[19:37] Me: ah
[19:37] Me: how'd you fuck it up may i ask?
[19:38] Miss E: some girl hit me
[19:38] Miss E: yo hold up
[19:40] Me: sure
[19:40] *** Auto-response from Miss E: helping my mother TRY and cook.
she doesn't do this too often.
[19:42] Me: good luck with that one. i give u alot of credit
[20:04] Miss E: hi
[20:27] Me: hi
[20:28] Me: i was in the other room watching the end of its a wonderful life thats why i didnt respond
[20:29] Miss E: hiii
[20:29] Me: so the chick who hit you, you hit her back?
[20:30] Miss E: nooo]
[20:30] Me: is that a good or a bad thing/
[20:31] Miss E: good probably
[20:31] Me: most likely
[20:31] Miss E: im cold
[20:32] Me: blankets? and mittens? and socks?
[20:32] Miss E: check check check
[20:32] Me: earmuffs?
[20:32] Miss E: i don't jave ay
[20:32] Miss E: hey what did you ghet me for hanukkah?
[20:33] Me: i dont know what proper chanukah gifts would include
[20:33] Miss E: anything
[20:34] Me: i probably wont see you anyway
[20:36] Me: i dont have class with you
[20:36] Me: and thus dont have exams with you
[20:38] Me: hey how about a standard issue $5 food card? thoughtful and useful
[20:41] Miss E: yeeeeahh
[20:41] Miss E: nah girl it's cool you don't have to get me anything
[20:42] Me: please, im like the present whore. the santa hoe if you will. presents burn holes in my pockets. i cant wait to give them to people. i'd totally get you a food card if i thought id see you to give it to you lol. presents are all about the thought
[20:43] Miss E: it's cool
[20:43] Miss E: i don't even know you
[20:44] Me: mm well this is far as christmas presents go they dont have to be personal. but im not sure about how chanukah works in so far as non-relational gifts. am i babbling? whatever.
[20:44] Miss E: hehe
[20:44] Miss E: hold up i gotaq go check this food since my mother LEFT
[20:44] Me: mk
[20:57] Miss E: hi
[20:57] Me: mm so ive decided by unanimous decision to pull the brie is so cheap she squeaks card and not get you anything 😉
[20:58] Miss E: it's cool
[21:01] Me: generally speaking im as cheap as they come
[21:03] Me: so i suppose on teh subject of chanukah, how goes the celebration?
[21:03] Miss E: like what do we do?
[21:04] Me: well i sort of get the whole idea behind it, but how do you celebrate
[21:04] Miss E: oh well can you hold up
[21:04] Miss E: i gotta go light the menorah
[21:04] Me: works for me
[21:44] Me: i was thinking over what you said. about you not even knowing me. and its true. i dont know you. and yet here i am talking to you on the one hand like we're good friends and on the other like we're walking on thin ice. i dont really understsand it at all
[21:45] Miss E: why are we on thin ivce?
[21:45] Miss E: bc of amanda?
[21:46] Me: i dunno i guess so. at least from my perspective it feels like it
[21:48] Me: i guess from where im standing its awfully difficult to be friends with someone who has a curious interest in ur relationship with ur girlfriend that the only reason i can see for is that you like her. and maybe im totally off base but yea
[21:48] Miss E: i don't like her
[21:48] Miss E: she lies
[21:49] Me: alright assuming that you dont and that she lies, why would she lie to me about that?
[21:49] Miss E: she told you i liked her?
[21:49] Me: and really its not like i wouldnt like to believe you
[21:49] Me: not in so many words no
[21:50] Me: but the inference was there
[21:50] Me: and like i said, i do watch people but also you are hard to read. *shrug*
[21:50] Me: wouldnt be the first time i was wrong
[21:50] Miss E: that'sw fuck up man. i'm not even going tot ell you what happened, because then you'll get pissed at her
[21:50] Miss E: but whatever
[21:51] Me: well if u arent into her that puts u higher in my book
[21:51] Me: and im sorry for assuming things that were untrue. any hard feelings repealed on my end
[21:53] Miss E: no whatever man
[21:53] Miss E: hse's a fucking liar
[21:53] Miss E: like so much shit went down
[21:54] Me: im not saying either one of you is a liar.
[21:54] Miss E: it's cool
[21:54] Me: i mean you've got no reason to lie to me.if you say no then no.
[21:54] Me: and i have no reason not to believe you
[21:55] Miss E: yeah
[21:57] Me: but i really am sorry for any ill will/jealousy
[21:58] Miss E: i'm not jealous
[21:58] Me: i wasnt talking about you
[21:58] Miss E: oh
[21:59] Miss E: you're jealous?
[22:00] Me: well not so much of somethign that doesnt exsist no
[22:00] Miss E: oh.
[22:00] Me: but before? yes
[22:00] Miss E: when?
[22:01] Me: when i thought there was something going on between the two of you / something had gone on
[22:02] Miss E: it had
[22:03] Me: well if its over then i guess there is nothing to be jealous of
[22:03] Miss E: nope
[22:04] Me: then at least from my end the three of us are square. or triangular as it were
[22:04] Miss E: triangle of love
[22:05] Me: well i was refrencing triangle since three people cant really be a square with 4 sides
[22:05] Miss E: oh
[22:05] Me: altho the triangle of love refrence is interesting
[22:05] Miss E: i think so
[22:05] Me: do share
[22:06] Miss E: you first
[22:06] Me: you brought it up
[22:06] Me: i was just curious as to why
[22:06] Miss E: ayyyyyy]
[22:07] Miss E: idk actuaslly nermind
[22:07] Me: no i mean i am inerested
[22:07] Me: as to why you brought it up.
[22:07] Miss E: idk why
[22:08] Me: and not so much in a mean bitchy sort of way either
[22:08] Miss E: i see nah neverkmind
[22:08] Me: you know getting infomation out of you is like pulling teeth for lack of a better phrase
[22:10] Me: i get the amanda/brie side. its the amanda/eloise/brie that you might be able to shed some light on
[22:12] Miss E: we can all love each other
[22:12] Me: as you are well aware, you're completely avoiding the question right there
[22:12] Me: can you give me a straight answer or not so much
[22:12] Me: no pun intended
[22:12] Miss E: why can;t we all lopvew each other?
[22:13] Me: monogomous relationships aside?
[22:14] Miss E: you are too fucking smart for me
[22:14] Miss E: what are you saying?”
[22:14] Me: single partner relationships aside?
[22:14] Miss E: um i guess…
[22:15] Me: well for one thing amanda doesnt give me the impression that she likes you very much. which would put that side of the trinagle at a loss
[22:16] Miss E: why are you asuch a bitch to me?
[22:16] Me: whether or not you'd believe me if i told you, being a bitch to you is in fact the farthest thing from my mind.
[22:17] Me: we've established i do bitch well
[22:17] Me: its nto really intended
[22:17] Miss E: look i don't care what amanda tells you, but she tells me and everyone totally different things.,
[22:18] Me: that is certainly true
[22:18] Miss E: so whatever, like i don't like her. and you guys are together, that's hot. whatever, i'm cool with it.
[22:18] Miss E: all im saying is she lies, so i wouldn't believe everything you get the impression of
[22:19] Me: so is this the part where the 'im hot, ur hot, lets make out' part comes in?
[22:19] Miss E: what?
[22:20] Me: nvm
[22:20] Miss E: no..ecplain
[22:21] Me: no id really rather not
[22:21] Me: i retract my question
[22:21] Miss E: okk
[22:21] Miss E: if that's what she told you
[22:21] Miss E: that'sa lie too
[22:22] Me: what is?
[22:22] Miss E: nevermind man
[22:23] Me: ahem. what i was asking was is this the part where you tell me you like me? and are you asking if she told me the lie that you liked me?
[22:24] Miss E: i don't like you
[22:24] Miss E: you wanna make out with me
[22:24] Miss E: ?
[22:24] Miss E: because that's cool
[22:26] Me: well i cant decide if im relieved or mildly insulted tha tyou dont like me. and im not even addressing the make out comment. you do however make me chuckle just a tad
[22:26] Miss E: bc you make fun of me?
[22:27] Me: alright dude, where in the above was i making fun of you?
[22:27] Miss E: haha
[22:27] Miss E: idk
[22:27] Me: i wasnt
[22:27] Me: for the record
[22:27] Miss E: iguess i'm paranoid
[22:27] Me: just a tad
[22:28] Miss E: you ever take latin?
[22:28] Me: and i really dont know why, i cant imagine anyone making fun of you.
[22:28] Me: yeah, three years. whats it to you?
[22:29] Miss E: umm i am going to fail my exam
[22:29] Miss E: people make fun of me all the time
[22:29] Miss E: because i am a drug adict
[22:29] Miss E: well not anymore
[22:29] Me: well then thats a lousy thing to make fun of someone for, regardless of past or present
[22:30] Me: id offer to hit them or something but since thats obviously an empty threat i could write them a nasty letter or something
[22:30] Miss E: use some big ass words
[22:30] Miss E: hey teach me latin by wednesday
[22:31] Me: do you have mr drury?
[22:31] Miss E: yeds
[22:32] Me: do you take notes in class?
[22:32] Miss E: yes
[22:32] Miss E: but can i just tell you
[22:32] Miss E: i do not know one thing in latin
[22:32] Me: what period is the exam?
[22:32] Miss E: 5
[22:32] Me: what exams do you have tomorrow and tuesday?
[22:32] Miss E: tomororw i have period 3
[22:32] Miss E: and tuesday i have period 4
[22:33] Me: what're you doing tomorrow afternoon?
[22:33] Miss E: umm
[22:33] Miss E: i have an appointment at 4 with my psychatrist
[22:34] Miss E: jen disisto is gonig to help me
[22:34] Me: so i am not required to hit enter and make the offer to tutor you tomorrow afternoon?
[22:35] Miss E: ha
[22:35] Miss E: if you and jen want to do that together
[22:35] Miss E: but like idk if you guys are friendly
[22:35] Me: its not that we arent
[22:36] Me: but if you arent desperate and youve got help
[22:36] Me: i dont feel quite so guilty about declining
[22:36] Miss E: i'm good thanks though
[22:36] Me: sure. if tomorrow u still think u need help lemme kno. but i think jen knows her stuff. i leave you in capable hands
[22:37] Miss E: sweet
[22:37] Miss E: are his exams harD?
[22:38] Me: not at all if you took notes and paid attention
[22:38] Miss E: great.
[22:38] Me: the notes do help
[22:38] Miss E: i have NO memeory
[22:38] Me: if you can get a good foundation dont owrry about it
[22:38] Me: there are freshman in the class too right?
[22:39] Miss E: yes
[22:39] Miss E: and they know EEVERYTHING
[22:39] Me: ah
[22:40] Me: bribe them? jk. but i really think jen knows her stuff. so try not to worry. just review with her and retain as much as you can. when it all comes down to it, you're either going ot knwo it or you arent. so try to know as much as you can and go for it.
[22:40] Me: thats really lousy advice i do have to say
[22:40] Miss E: it;s the best i have goten
[22:40] Miss E: in a long time
[22:40] Me: well then ur welcome to it whenever i can be of assistence
[22:41] Miss E: it's too warm for winter'
[22:41] Miss E: all this fucking global warming[
[22:41] Me: says the girl who like two hours ago needed earmuffs
[22:42] Miss E: ha
[22:43] Me: im just saying *shrug* its cold in my house. i stick to my story
[22:44] Miss E: at least uyou have heat
[22:45] Me: having heat does not include the luxury of affording heat. its a sultury 60' in my house. and i have three pairs of socks on. but i do appreciate the having of heat. only suggestion i can give you here would be some sweatpants
[22:45] Me: sry
[22:45] Miss E: 60\
[22:45] Miss E: it's 50 in mine'
[22:45] Miss E: i winnndljv
[22:46] Me: so we're playing the whose house is colder game?
[22:46] Me: lol
[22:46] Me: ill let you win and keep my 60 thank you very much
[22:46] Miss E: =yes i was
[22:46] Miss E: oh coold
[22:46] Miss E: w
[22:46] Miss E: cool
[22:46] Miss E: hey im tired
[22:46] Me: well it is almost 11
[22:47] Miss E: i have practice in 7 hours
[22:47] Me: then perhaps ill play the devil's advocate and suggest you go to sleep?
[22:48] Miss E: yes yes
[22:48] Miss E: goodnight
[22:48] Miss E: talk to yuo lster
[22:48] Me: night
[22:48] Me: ttyl ciao
[22:49] Miss E: ciao bellaaa
[23:00] Me: good luck at practice. maybe ill see you tomorrow
[23:00] Miss E: yeahhah
[23:00] Miss E: maybe
[23:00] Me: then again, maybe not *shrug*
[23:01] Miss E: im sure you won't care
[23:01] Me: you know im really not the coldhearted bitch i play in the hallway
[23:02] Me: at least i hope not
[23:03] Miss E: lol
[23:03] Me: youll have to get back to me on that one
[23:03] Me: **or ill have to get back to you. either way. ill confuct a poll or something
[23:03] Miss E: hehe
[23:04] Me: *conduct
[23:04] Miss E: i got it
[23:04] Miss E: yo fuck i gtota go ok
[23:04] Miss E: ok
[23:04] Miss E: ok
[23:04] Miss E: goodnight for real
[23:04] Me: ok
[23:04] Me: goodnight for real



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