Is this a dream, if it is, please don't wake me

Nothing really to say. I've been trying to keep it low key around here so as not to arouse parental suspicions of activities which aren't to be disclosed. Such as making out with Amanda semi-naked in the auditorium as a response to my deferral from college. All this while we're supposed to be 'taking a break'. I swear my self control will be the death of me.

Guh. But that aside, midterms this week then the holidays start. Kay's probably having something for New Years. I owe Aly lunch and Donald at least my company. Soon I will have more time to write and I won't feel like I'm being watched as I do so.

So a summary of what happened. Mother suspects about Amanda and Brie after Amanda is found with alcohol in trunk. Brie is majorly upset with Amanda. Amanda tell's her mother about Brie and Amanda. Brie wigs out at Amanda for broken promises. Brie finds out her parents don't trust her, suspect about Amanda, and forbid her to see Amanda. Amanda is grounded till January for alcohol. Brie apologizes to Amanda and is still upset but realizes they need a break to sort things out. Brie and Amanda are attempting a break, but neither of them wants to, Amanda is upset with Brie for asking for a break, Brie is still losing her mind, neither of them have much self control and still watch eachother hungrily. Until Friday. And now I don't know where we stand after two hours of intenseness.



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